2019 Nominees

Kimberly Cadarette (9)

I met Kimberly a couple of months ago. Firstly, I heard a lot about Team Nobody even before knowing she was a police officer. Kimberly founded Team Nobody three years ago. We are a group of people that gather donations to help the homeless in downtown Toronto. We provide them with lunches, toiletries and clothing.

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Michelle Jansen (2)

Michelle has been an outstanding Barrie Police Officer. Recently she worked very hard to help break a Human Trafficking situation: https://www.barriepolice.ca/newsroom/2019/02/multiple-victims-rescued-labour-human-trafficking-investigation She is such a good person and works hard to make life better for people!

Chabine Tucker

I nominate Chabine Tucker for the police hero of the year award. He has gone above and beyond to teach, engage and connect within our city on a personal level.

He alongside constable Kevin Graham have put together an incredible team of volunteers who dedicate their time every week to play a game of basketball in schools, neighbourhoods and vulnerable areas. After a game of pickup basketball Chabine and Kevin will take their time to talk to the kids and answer any questions they have. They provide an outlet for kids to ask questions that they couldn’t ask their parents and offer help and advice. They’re great mentors in our city and the Ottawa police Hoopstars have reached thousands of people in our city.

I could not think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Loranne Thompson (3)

Loranne is a thoughtful compassionate person. She listens intently, presents an air of calm and asks the right question ensuring those calling for help convey their message so she can dispatch the appropriate service to come to their aid.

Evan Harrison (5)

I have known Evan for several years and have watched him grow into a compassionate, fair minded, mature young man. He is quick to evaluate any situation and react to either assist or diffuse any incident. Evan Harrison is the type of Police Officer any community would be proud to have.

Ryan Rodrigues (4)

Many local heroes go unnoticed. It is with great pleasure to nominate Cst Ryan Rodrigues for consideration for Police Services Hero of the Year Award in recognition for the difference and positive impact he makes in our community as a member of the Mounted Unit in Hamilton.


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Kyle Hughes (2)

Cst. Kyle Hughes with the North Bay Police Service is a compassionate and fair police officer. Victims feel heard when dealing with him. He is thorough, well informed, and dedicated. I have personally heard from victims who let me know that Kyle went above and beyond the requirement of his job, to make sure they were satisfied with the handling of their cases. He has received thanks from families for the manner he handled sudden death investigations and also out of control youth.

Sandasha Bough

I would like to nominate Sandasha Bough of the London Police Service as Hero of the Year. Sandasha’s passion and dedication to serving the public is second to none. Both on duty and off duty she gives 110 %. Here is just one example of the many examples she has demonstrated her commitment to public safety.

Thanks for your service to the citizens of London!

Michelle Jansen

Michelle Jansen embodies respect, dedication, professionalism and compassion. Michelle remains empathetic, calm and rational in some of the most stressful of circumstances. Michelle listens attentively and works tirelessly for our communities safety. Michelle is an inspiration and an incredible role model.

(Photo courtesy of Barrie Today)

Patrick Swan

CST. Swan has been through the nightmares faced by many. Despite all he has dealt with, he uses his knowledge and compassion for fellow officers and first responders to better cope with PTSD. As a first responder diagnosed several years ago, I have found his efforts to keep helping others very inspiring.