2019 Nominees

Evan Harrison

I nominate Evan Harrison of the London Police Services. Evan has been an outstanding citizen in the London and surrounding area by showing our youth the difference between right and wrong. He is someone who I look up to as a role model in our community because of his hard work and dedication to making the city of London a better place.

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Carey Widbur

Carey is one of the town's people's favourite officers. For my family, personally, whenever we have an issue or any questions about anything at all, really, Carey is the one we call up and we get our answers straight and in a timely manner. Never a dull moment with Carey Widbur.

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Jeff McLean

Constable Jeff McLean #130 from the Shelburne Police Service gives his all. Not only is he a dedicated police officer, he donates much of his time at schools, educating children on safety, and lending a hand for breakfast clubs in our area schools. Const. McLean always has a listening ear and is willing to help, or give his advice when asked.

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Adam O'Brien

I have encountered Officer O'Brien several times and have seen him around. I find that he always goes above and beyond on his job, even when not on the clock, he has time for his neighborhood and community. He always comes off as a genuine person and is the type of person you would expect a police officer to be. I knew him before he became a officer and even then he was a person to call on in need. Maybe I'm biased but I do love what police in our area do, how they represent themselves and make us feel safer for being in our community.

Joe Defranco

Joe Defranco with the Ottawa Police Service has gone above the call of duty when many of us living in a senior's residence in the Carlington area had issues with prostitutes and drug houses. He worked closely with the neighbours, reassuring all the residences that he would monitor the issue. He even made several house calls to the neighbours to provide regular updates, even a couple of times on his day off. 

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Stephen Canton

I feel Officer Canton should be awarded this honourary award. He was on the Niagara Regional Police Service for 37 years. He was always fair with the people he encountered on a daily basis. He treated them like human beings. He respected his fellow colleagues as well. He was very thorough in his work. He retired in 2014. He missed the job, and is now with the Hanover Police Services, doing what he loves the most, being a police officer.

Phong Le

Officer Le investigated when my house was broken into by my next door neighbour. He was the most compassionate, nice, polite, and understanding police officer ever! He always contacted me with updates and called me to see how I was doing. He is truly my hero! 

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Steve Whitehorn

Although I have never had the chance to meet Officer Whitehorn personally, the youth and citizens in Cornwall speak very highly of him. Please see the following link that provides an example of the work of this fine officer, and be sure to read the comments as well: www.facebook.com/groups/337099882990790/permalink/2352858364748255?sfns=mo 

Ben Kingdon (2)

Officer Kingdon stepped in to help my friend on New Years day when her mother, who was watching her daughters, had passed away. Officer Kingdon took care of the girls, made them breakfast, etc until my friend could get home. In my friend sharing her story, at least one other person has commented about a similar instance with the same officer. Officer Kingdon is clearly a very caring officer, dedicated to helping our community.

Alexis Cowan

Cst. Cowan has been my inspiration for years now, beating all odds in becoming a police officer. Her dedication to her job and family has been unwavering and she continues to set the bar high in improving her training to be even better. For this alone, she is my hero and I am so proud... not only of her becoming a police officer, but also for being a beautiful young lady and person.