2019 Nominees

Rebecca Elliott (6)

I’d like to nominate Rebecca Elliott. I first met her last year at Lord Elgin School where she teaches VIP. My kids loved VIP and Constable Elliott. She is very kind to the children and treats them all with lots of respect. We live in a low income community and Constable Elliott has become a favorite among the kids. I see her out in the complex talking to the kids, playing catch, and last year she even took the time to fix a flat tire on a bike for one of my neighbour's kids. 

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Evan Harrison (8)

I first met Evan when I started my journey to fitness. When I met him, I was intimidated, but that was quickly reversed when I realized what a kind, gentle soul he is. He’s encouraging and outgoing, always has a huge smile and hello for you. Over this past year, I have learned that the kind soul I met, does many wonderful things in the community, including travelling to schools to teach the kids about safety. 

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April Moriarty

April goes above and beyond in her job to assist with any inquiries that take place during the regular course of her daily duties. April is known for her long working hours. She is someone who takes her due diligence seriously when dealing with the public or with the disposition of information that is needed. April is always willing to help with training new people in their duties. She is always pleasant with both the public and her coworkers.

Andrew Lindsay

I wish to nominate Constable Andrew Lindsay for this award as I believe the work he does within this community is invaluable. In my interactions with Andrew he has always been courteous, respectful and represented the HRPS in a professional manner. Andrew has been recognized by MADD the last few years for his outstanding work ethic in trying to rid our roadways of impaired drivers. 

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Cole Richards

Const. Cole Richards is an active and diligent member of the Halton Regional Police Force, having been sworn in to the force on December 19, 2013. His continued dedication to his line of work, and his abilities to always overachieve his limits leads me to nominate him for the Police Services Hero of the Year Award. No matter the hours, time, or tasks that he faces during his daily work duties, he is always committed to making sure that he is present with an enthusiastic attitude to complete tasks at hand.

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James Jardine

James is an outstanding CID officer. I met him about 6 years ago when he was on uniform patrol. On a snowy night in December, I got hit by a car while on my tractor. I was even more upset as a great friend had past away earlier that day... Officer Jardine was so caring and understanding that night... I’ve never forgotten and we have been friends ever since.

Image credit: https://twitter.com/spsjardine74?lang=en

Adam Stock

In 1997, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were killed by a drunk driver. I was confused as to what happened and the family wanted answers but were to distraught to ask. I called the police department and was connected to Constable Stock, who is now a Detective. He met me at the station in Newmarket and took his time explaining to me what happened. 

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Durham Regional Police K9 Unit (8 Members)

Cst. Wayne King, Cst. Wes King, Cst. Bryan Armstrong, Cst. Jeff Burns, Cst. Corby Wright, Cst. Kevin Dunlop, Cst. Jay Dickson, Cst. Adam Handscomb. I nominate all 8 members of the Durham Regional Police K9 Unit for going above and beyond the call of duty with their Charity K9 Calendars. 2019 will be their 5th year producing and selling their calendars for 3 local charities. Over the last 4 short years this unit has donated more than $126,000.00 CAD to many local Durham Regional charities. 

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Evan Harrison (7)

I went to college/university with PC Harrison almost 12 years ago! Evan has always been a constant motivation in my life. Although our lives have taken separate paths and we live almost 4 hours away, we still remain in touch almost daily. He has always been in my corner through all the ups and downs. 

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Kevin Lui

In 2017, Sergeant Kevin Lui of the London Police Service took the initiative to reboot Joe League, a discontinued basketball-focused community outreach initiative. His redesigned program develops kids’ basketball and life skills through a variety of volunteer-led activities and league play. Because of the time, energy and vision that Kevin brought to Joe League and the partnerships he forged, the program has passed the 2 year milestone and funding has already been secured for next year. 

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