2019 Nominees

Gary McAloney

Gary has the biggest heart and anyone can see it. Doesn't matter whether he’s on the job or at home helping around the house (living with 5 girls can’t be easy). Gary does everything for his children and never fails to put a smile on their face. He protects our city but he also protects his family. Love you Dad.

Marc Taraso (4)

Cst. Taraso has made Twitter an education tool. He constantly shares experiences regarding distracted driving and more. By following him, he made me pay more attention while on the road and I really thank him for his etiquette and good sense of humour.

Evan Harrison (11)

Evan is a shining example of what it means to be a police officer and I am nominating him today because he played a large role in my decision to pursue a career as a police officer. In addition to being a dedicated officer with the London Police Service and an excellent School Safety Officer, Evan went out of his way to coach me on the process of pursuing a career in policing and was there to answer any questions I had along the way. He is an invaluable asset to the greater policing family and I can't thank him enough for helping another future officer be set up for success.

Kimberly Cadarette (13)

I nominate Officer Cadarette. I crossed paths with Kimberly about 3 years ago and learned of her kindness, unmatched care and passion to help the less fortunate of the Toronto area. I was invited to join in on one of her trips to Toronto and I was in awe of just how much effort went into them. I’ve been a part of her trips now for some time and, every time I go, she opens my eyes to her passion even more, just in the way she interacts with the less fortunate to make them feel not so less fortunate. It's not just me she’s had an impact on - my daughter, who is 6 years old, also looks forward to going on these trips with Kimberly every month.

Braden Hill

On behalf of the Me to We: Going Local Group, at Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region, we would like to nominate Officer Braden Hill (formerly of Waterloo Regional Police Services) – now serving under Sudbury Police Services, as our Police Hero!
Our initial contact with Officer Braden was in his role as a School Resource Officer within one of our specialized classrooms, servicing students with complex needs. Officer Braden quickly became a well-known fixture, developing relationships and trust among students.

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Blair Wile

I nominate Blair, because he was really great in taking my initial statement and helping me to feel as comfortable as possible in an otherwise uncomfortable situation, especially since I had a previous bad experience. He also was really great at taking the enormous amount evidence to provide to the crown. Sorry for giving you so much work to do! I appreciate all that you did. Thank you!

Evan Harrison (10)

When it comes to "Hero of the Year", I can only think of my son Evan Harrison. When Evan became a Police Officer, I was worried, but I soon realized that this is what he is born to do. Since 2012, Evan has grown into the type of person that this world needs more of. When Evan became a School Safety Officer, I soon became aware that his heart was made to help others.

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Darcy Campbell

I am nominating Sergeant Darcy Campbell of the Woodstock Police Service, as I believe he is a pillar in the community and an integral part in the betterment of the City of Woodstock. Sgt Campbell is in his 20th year of serving as a Police Officer in Ontario; first with the Peel Regional Police Service, transferring to the Woodstock Police Service in 2002.

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Patti Costa

Patti Costa is a great addition to our Police Force here in London - she has been a police officer for 10+ years. Patti is a great role model for me and other young women who aspire to be a police officer. She helps out in our community whenever she can. I've personally seen her working with Fanshawe and other activities / events London hosts. Keep it up Officer Costa, you deserve all the recognition out there.

Jackie Lange & PSD Jack

I have had the privilege to get to know CST Jackie Lange and PSD Jack over the last couple years. They are an amazing team that’s helped with so many community events. PSD Jack has so many times been called to assist in very dangerous situations to keep the community and other officers safe. I’m so grateful to know such an amazing team.