2019 Nominees

Jessica Drimmie

Jessica is a strong dedicated dispatcher. She is calm, professional, and thorough. She cares deeply about the public that she is serving as well as her colleagues. Image credit: https://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/6470839-911-communicators-are-peterborough-s-front-line-when-there-s-an-emergency/

Chabine Tucker (2)

I unequivocally nominate Chabine Tucker. Chabine is an amazing asset to the Ottawa Police Service as he has completed projects, that were self initiated, to benefit other officers and the service as a hole. Chabine has assisted an investigation to successfully stop human trafficking. He has also used his analytical skills to complete many other criminal and provincial cases which makes the communities in the City of Ottawa a safer place.

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Kevin Graham (2)

Officer Graham is the most genuine person I have met. His desire to help others and ensure that others are okay is exemplary. He goes above and beyond his duty as a police officer. He sets an example for those youth who cannot see or fathom a way out of their chaos; their lifestyle; their way of thinking. He shows them that, no matter what your circumstances are, you matter. Officer Graham’s positivity is contagious. No matter what is happening, he finds a way to either make you laugh or to see the good that could come out of any situation. It surely takes a village, and Officer Graham is an integral part of this village!

Dave Drummond (2)

On September 30, 2018, my nephew was stabbed twice in the back during a brawl in our downtown night club scene. From what we were told by the police, the scene was mayhem. Once my nephew realized he had been stabbed, he went up to Officer Drummond and told him. Quickly, the officer got him to the ground and found his wounds. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, he put his fingers inside the wounds to try and help with the bleeding. And while he was quick with his response, he also took time to keep my nephew calm.

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Natalie Green

I am nominating Constable Natalie Green for going above and beyond her call of duty. She helps many individuals and community members. She has, on at least four occasions while I was homeless, been seen utilizing her specialized training instead of physical force. Natalie Green is an amazing example of a officer who cares and supports her community.

Ottawa Police Hoopstars

Nominating: Sgt. Chabine Tucker, Cst. Jafeth Maseruka, Cst. Kevin Graham. I am writing this to nominate the aforementioned officers for the Police Hero Award. I believe that these officers' exemplary community service make them appropriate recipients of this award. Over the past few years, these officers have led a team of both police officers and community partners in building and maintaining relationships with many diverse and marginalized communities’ across Ottawa. The aforementioned team is famously known as the Ottawa Police Hoopstars. 

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Carey Widbur (2)

I was a waylaid motorist in a blizzard one recent Winter's Eve and I count myself among the fortunate to have even made it to Shelburne. I parked next to the "Road Closed" sign hoping the highway would re-open. Along came Constable Widbur who asked if I needed anything at all and offered to come and check up on me during the night.

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Graham Reeves

I would like to nominate my father, Constable Graham Reeves of Woodstock Police Services. Graham has dedicated himself to serve and protect the community that he lives in. Graham as a well-respected officer who goes above and beyond. I admire my Dad as he chose to pursue a career in policing later in life. His dedication of going back to school and graduating from the Ontario Police College at the age of 50 demonstrates a level of passion and perseverance that has and will continue to inspire me throughout my life. I feel as though he should be recognized for the amazing officer/ father that he is.

Marc Taraso (2)

I nominate Cst. Marc Taraso with Halton Regional Police. His use of Twitter to remind followers that police are looking for distracted drivers is how he goes above and beyond. He draws attention to issues he sees during his shift and the humor he uses is great. I think he does a great job communicating with the public through social media.

Andrew Sullivan

Officer A. Sullivan was called to my home recently. He took the time to read all 12 prior reports over the past 3 years before coming to my door. He expressed concern for me and my family. Officer Sullivan emails me and stays current with me through this very hard time in my life. For this, I am truly thankful.