2019 Nominees

Teresa Allott

Theresa was the Diversity Police Officer for the City of London. Theresa worked hard in her role and took it with a great passion. She went above and beyond her role, ensuring she was informed of all diversity groups special events and went to their place of culture, whether it be a community event or religious event open to the public. 

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Kevin Graham (3)

Kevin is an amazing soul that influences many young adults by connecting with them via basketball events. I have volunteered with him and the Ottawa Police Hoop Stars, and seeing the way he interacts with kids makes me wanna be him. I truly respect this man and the amazing work he is putting towards our future generations.

Marc Taraso (3)

Marc has been amazing as a former colleague and as a community advocate. His outgoing personality and friendly demeanor know no bounds and it’s evident in the way he carries himself in public. The residents of Halton - big and small - are safer and in good hands with Marc present in any role he possesses. From his distracted driving efforts to his time front-running Liam’s brigade, he’s making Halton a transparent, fun place to live. Hats off to you my friend!

Rebecca Elliott

PC Rebecca Elliott is a highly respected member of her community both at work and at home. Outside of work, she volunteers her time helping to coach minor hockey programs. While working in her community, she is currently a school officer and is adored by her students. I understand she has helped initiate the London Police Service "coffee-with-a-cop" program, and a program where the police are rewarding kids for wearing cycling helmets. 

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Scott Mickle

PC Mickle lives in every way by the oath he took as an officer. His interactions with children and youth in the London community are life changing and morale boosting. He is always ready to listen without judgement and to provide support. That makes him a hero. Image credit: https://twitter.com/pcmickle

Scott Dargie (2)

Officer Scott Dargie is kind, caring, and compassionate. No matter who you are or where you come from, he treats everybody equal. He doesn't ask you about your day because it's his job, he asks you because he truly cares about you. When you are talking to him, he makes you feel like you're on top of the world, like you're a superstar. [A feature Rogers TV did a couple of years ago proves just that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnQ5FhcdOtU]

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Rob McMillan

I had the pleasure of riding along with Rob, and during a "normal" shift he showed such compassion while providing a firm and no nonsense approach to policing. It was refreshing to see that side of things and I did not want to waste an opportunity to recommend him for any type of recognition - I truly believe that his approach makes a positive impact on the community he serves.

Kimberly Cadarette (10)

I would like to nominate Constable Kimberly Cadarette for the 2019 Police Hero Award. You couldn't find a more compassionate, selfless and hard working individual. Her devotion to helping others has lead her to helping the homeless in Toronto. She truly has made an impact for our community. I couldn't imagine anyone more deserving than her.

Jason Geerts (2)

I am very pleased to nominate my friend and former co-worker Jason Geerts for officer of the year. Jason was a member of the Guelph Police Service before coming to the Woodstock Police Service. He had a personality bigger than the cities he so proudly served, and a permanent smile on his face that was always just as big. He had a passion for helping others, be they co-workers or any member of the public who had the pleasure of dealing with him. He treated everyone with empathy and compassion. He was a warrior on the street as well as a warrior who continually displayed a positive attitude while he so bravely fought ALS. I was Jason’s supervisor for a time and Jason became my inspiration and my hero.

Evan Harrison (3)

Evan is a hard working community member. He volunteers, works closely with the youth and guides them into making smart decisions for their future. Cst. Harrison is dedicated to his work and his community.