2019 Nominees

Scott Dargie (2)

Officer Scott Dargie is kind, caring, compassionate and no matter who you are or where you come from he treats everybody equal. He doesn't ask you about your day because it's his job, he ask you because he truly cares about you. When you are talking to him he makes you feel like you're on top of the world, like you're a superstar. He truly loves and protects everyone that he serves in his community everyday, while on his beat. That is why I believe he should be nominated as officer of the year. Keep up the Fantastic work Officer Scott Dargie!

Andrew Jackson

Andrew has always had the desire to help people and goes above and beyond in his daily duties as a police Officer, he is very compassionate and motivated. He is the kind of cop that would change a flat tire or shoot hoops with kids. In the winter time he has been known to carry toys, scarves and hats in his trunk to be randomly handed out as needed, Andrew never just does his job, he consistently pours his heart and soul into his chosen field and personally shines from the benefits of just being a good person.

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Kevin Graham

Officer Graham is more than an example of what it means to be a Police Officer, he mentors various youths in vulnerable situations, he is a basketball player on the Ottawa Police Hoopstars, he makes educational clips that are used for community outreach. He goes by various elementary schools, high schools & universities/colleges to engage youth. While having a family to love and care for. Officer Graham truly has the biggest heart, and he is always equipped with it while in uniform.

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Kevin DeClark

Kevin is a very community oriented individual who takes pride in his service to his community. He recently released from the Canadian Armed Forces where he proudly served for many years. Kevin played an integral role in arranging for an Afghanistan memorial to be installed at our local Cenataph. He is very professional and very family orientated as well.

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Daniel House

I believe Dan to be an outstanding police officer, full of knowledge and shares his passion for the lifestyle of police services. Not only has he been a great resource to gain some knowledge and information about it, the way he speaks of his job is absolutely amazing. Out of uniform, he’s a loving dad and a very friendly and approachable individual that will absolutely give you the time of day to talk to! I believe he deserves a nomination for sure!

Dave Drummond

My son was stabbed twice in September 2018. The responding officer was Dave Drummond #13115. Thanks to his quick thinking, my son is still alive. To me, this officer deserves to be nominated. I wrote a letter to the police chief to nominate Officer Drummond and thank him for saving my son...  

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Brent Burnside

I would like to nominate Brent Burnside of the Niagara Regional Police Service. The night I met Officer Burnside, I had a plan to commit suicide. Officer Burnside went above and beyond his job that night. He took the time to listen to what had upset me to get me to the point where I had wanted to commit suicide. The entire time, he appeared caring and showed compassion towards me. 

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Jeff McLean (3)

Jeff McLean with the Shelburne Police deserves this nomination as he goes beyond and above his job. I have known him since he was a rookie, and he has done so many good things for our community.

Loranne Thompson

I would like to see Loranne Thompson with Peterborough Police Services recognized for her many dedicated years of service as a competent, dedicated and compassionate 911 Operator. Her wonderful witty sense of humor, strong sense of integrity and dedication to excellence should be recognized. Although she is truly a front-line responder, her steady voice answering the emergency calls frequently goes unrecognized or acknowledged.

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Kimberly Cadarette (8)

Kimberly Cadarette is a hero to many in our communities. She has been actively involved in many charities and events helping young people as well as those less fortunate living on the streets of Toronto. 3 years ago she started going to Toronto, to the toughest neighborhoods to meet with those in need, listening to their stories, offering a kind smile. 

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