2019 Nominees

Adam Metcalf

This nomination is being submitted on behalf of a young teen and her mom. The teen joined our Me to We: Going Local Group five years ago, and continues to participate in the program. She is now 17 years old. Here is her story and nomination… “I would like to nominate Constable Adam Metcalf, with the Waterloo Regional Police Services, as my Police Service Hero. When I was 13 years old, I witnessed a police-involved shooting in my neighbourhood involving someone struggling with mental illness...

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Matt Forget

Matt is a vital part of the community with his outstanding skills to be a leader and role model, and his focused attention on keeping our community and children safe. Matt was recently a part of an extremely difficult and dangerous situation relating to human trafficking. As a parent, I will sleep better tonight knowing those types of disturbed people are now off of the streets and away from our kids. Please consider this amazing DRPS T.S.U. member for the award - he deserves it.

Lindsay White

D/Cst Lindsay White is not only an incredible person, but an amazing officer. She strives to do to her job in the utmost and professional manner and will go out of her way to ensure the job is done. She has a passion for policing and a passion for helping others. Between her immense involvement with Special Olympics and LETR, dragon boat races and any other type of community event, D/Cst White truly proves she is committed to her community. She is truly an inspiring person and a role model.

Mark Hall

Mark Hall goes above and beyond and when you need him. He is always there and responds to messages in a timely manner, and he answers your questions to reassure you things are going to be ok. 

Tom Whiteway

On December 27, 2018, PC Whiteway was on regular patrol and noticed black smoke in a residential neighborhood. It was quickly learned this was a working house fire in a townhouse. PC Whiteway entered the residence calling out for the occupants but was met with thick smoke and flames that were quickly spreading, he was unable to enter that unit. 

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Joel Genoe (2)

Joel is a Sergeant of a road platoon. He has more than 20 years of service as a police officer and over the years has done many amazing activities to ensure that his platoon is always properly supported and feels like a family. He works on programs for the community with his Community Mobilization Team trying to improve relationships between the public and the police. He has worked with kids help phone as well as many mental health programs supporting PTSD in the line of duty. 

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Rebecca Elliott (5)

I'd like to nominate Rebecca Elliott from the London Police Service. Rebecca is a great role model for youth in her community. I see her off duty coaching hockey and more recently fast pitch. She's well respected by all the players and provides a positive influence on the kids. 

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Alex McMillan (2)

Alex is a truly caring person and wonderful police officer. He is very good with people, talks to people and tries to help them when he can. He has a mental health background and uses this to the best of his ability. When he was a rookie, he was shown in the Toronto Star in uniform for bringing someone in, along with my son-in-law who is a Metro Toronto police officer. By the way, I am a very proud mother and mother-in-law to these officers. Keep up the good work boys.

Derek Spence

Derek Spence is just an amazing person to know. He helps with Special Olympics London when his is not on duty. When he is on duty, he is just a wonderful person and a good cop.

Jackie Parkin

I have had the pleasure of seeing how the children in different sport organizations look up to Officer Parkin. She is always trying to help the community with collections and gathering clothes and items for the less fortunate. On the street and in the community, she is always being approached as "Officer Parkin" by excited children whether in uniform or as a civilian. She is always willing to help. Image credit: https://www.barrietoday.com/local-news/cops-spotted-tagging-convenience-store-311687