Ryan Rodrigues (4)

Many local heroes go unnoticed. It is with great pleasure to nominate Cst Ryan Rodrigues for consideration for Police Services Hero of the Year Award in recognition for the difference and positive impact he makes in our community as a member of the Mounted Unit in Hamilton.


In addition to visiting hospitals and many community businesses, Cst Rodrigues takes the time to visit local schools as well. As he patrols the streets of Hamilton with his partner Lincoln, he always makes an effort to visit the schools in the neighbourhood. His characteristics represent all that is good in the Hamilton Police Force and his community skills are exemplary. Despite the stressful demands of his profession, Cst Rodrigues can still be heard laughing often with his positive and upbeat attitude. He is one of the friendliest people I know; always arriving with a smile on his face and a happy greeting.


During his school visits, he interacts with students with remarkable patience and admirable tact, making it a point to interact with as many students as possible. Watching him interact with a high school Law class, I developed enormous respect for his dedication to his work and became acutely aware of his great passion for his job. His professionalism did not go unnoticed by other staff members either.


“Cst Rodrigues and Lincoln made themselves available to my grade 11 Law class as he was conducting high visibility policing on the Ancaster High School grounds. Cst Rodrigues was very engaging as an excellent example of what community policing is all about. He enthusiastically answered all questions asked by the students and the students thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with both Cst Rodrigues and Lincoln. Cst Rodrigues has volunteered to return again so that my class can participate in this experiential learning.”


Not only did Cst Rodrigues answer questions the students had regarding police on horses, but he proudly answered all questions about his partner Lincoln. As he welcomed the interaction with his partner, the bond between Cst Rodrigues and Lincoln was implicit in their chemistry and in Lincoln’s attentiveness to Cst Rodrigues’ commands.

His visits are often a topic of conversation in the hallways, classrooms and office spaces long after he and Lincoln have left; truly leaving an impression wherever he goes. Not once have I heard one negative comment about Cst Rodrigues. It is with great pleasure that I respectfully submit this nomination for Cst Ryan Rodrigues and his partner Lincoln to be recognized for the heroes that they are.