2019 Nominees

Kimberly Cadarette (8)

Kimberly Cadarette is a hero to many in our communities. She has been actively involved in many charities and events helping young people as well as those less fortunate living on the streets of Toronto. 3 years ago she started going to Toronto, to the toughest neighborhoods to meet with those in need, listening to their stories, offering a kind smile. 

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Evan Harrison (2)

I nominate Evan Harrison of London Police Services. Evan has dedicated himself to serve and protect the community he lives in. He is involved in London’s school system, teaching and guiding London’s youth on all the different aspects of the environment they are growing up in. As well, he gets involved with many different community functions throughout each year. When on duty, he puts the people of the community first so they will always feel safe, no matter how big or small. 

Jon Hall

I am nominating Cst. Jon Hall based on a number of attributes/qualities that Jon demonstrates on a very consistent basis both at work as well as in his personal life/on his own time. I am one of the NCO Team within Ottawa Police's Traffic Escort & Enforcement Unit; within my role as a Sergeant, I have opportunity to observe the work and commitment to our community of all of our Traffic Officers on a shift-by-shift basis. 

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Kyle Hughes

I nominate Constable Kyle Hughes of North Bay. Not only is he an amazing officer, but he goes above and beyond the line of duty regularly. He is kind and caring, he treats everyone respectfully including the people that society looks down on. He is the first one to offer a warm meal to a homeless person or see if someone needs assistance. Kyle is truly a rare breed of officer and I believe he should be recognized for the amazing officer/man he is.

Jeff McLean (2)

I would like to nominate Jeffery McLean for police hero of the year. Jeffery consistently goes above and beyond for his service and the citizens of Shelburne and beyond. Jeffery took the initiative to take over the Special Olympics Polar Plunge for Shelburne and the Torch Run, and should be recognized for this. Cst. McLean acts with the utmost integrity at all times whether on or off duty. 

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Chris Golder

Cst. Chris Golder is very involved with community events both on and off duty, such as the public housing's annual baseball teams. He will often attend community events out of uniform with his family. He is a great communicator, whom our children will remember for a lifetime. He is a life changer for our community. 

Dylan McRae

My boyfriend's brother is who inspired me to follow the career path of policing. I truly appreciate his heroism and he strives to be a better man and police officer every day.

Kimberly Cadarette (7)

I would like to nominate Officer Kimberly Cadarette for her amazing contribution to the community. Not only is she an inspiration for others, but her overall personality is so positive when dealing with the public. She brings a smile while on and off duty from her job as a police officer with the Peel Regional Police. 

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Jennifer Camden (9)

I have chosen to take the time to nominate Jennifer based clearly on the definition of a hero; a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities and I may not have the trophies and or ribbons and plaques to define how much of an amazing person Jennifer is but I’m going to do my best to describe it! 

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Neal Orlando (4)

I am nominating Neal Orlando for "Hero" for 2019. Neal is a dedicated police officer. In his 25+ years, he has received many awards, accolades, and recognition for his exceptional work ethic, new innovative ideas, and brave deeds. I know Neal as a family member. As a child, Neal dreamed of being a police officer. With his innate sense of caring and hard work, his dream came true. Over the years he has always been very protective of family members and community members. Please consider Neal as "Hero".