Kimberly Cadarette (9)

I met Kimberly a couple of months ago. Firstly, I heard a lot about Team Nobody even before knowing she was a police officer. Kimberly founded Team Nobody three years ago. We are a group of people that gather donations to help the homeless in downtown Toronto. We provide them with lunches, toiletries and clothing.

As the people on the streets often cannot carry much in the winter, we provide them warm clothes for the winter season and cooler clothing for the summer. For the past 3 years, Kimberly was covering the expenses herself to provide 150 lunch bags for them. Last month, we started asking in the community for donations and we were able to deliver about 350 lunches.

Kimberly has inspired so many people to reach outside our comfort zones and do something to improve the community. If everyone did a little, it would make a huge difference and for those in need, anything we provide to them is important and appreciated.

I am new to the group and am proud to call myself a member of Team Nobody too. I have been touched and inspired by Kimberly’s desire to serve others. Our next trip to Toronto is March 9th and I will surely see her amazing ability to share hope wherever she goes. Thanks for considering my words.