2019 Nominees

Kevin Dukes

Kevin has been very dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of Sault Ste Marie and does his job very well.

Matthew Proulx (2)

Matthew is on the tactical team and also heads up the bomb squad. He is called out at all hours to keep our community safe and yet call out after call out in the middle of the night still has a big smile and great attitude even while exhausted and after putting his life on the line for all of us. He still makes time to volunteer for community events. As well he is an active member of the army reserves.

Halton region and our community is blessed to have Matthew as an active member of their team.

Joseph Amato-Gauci

I would like to nominate my father, Sargent Joseph Amato-Gauci because he is a well respected police officer in York & he is the best dad anyone can ask for. My dad has always looked out for myself and my two siblings & even though work life might have hit him hard some days, he was always (and still is) there for use when we need him the most.

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Jennifer Camden

I was in need of help on the parkway and was pretty upset. Dispatcher Camden calmed me down and advised me what to do first. I felt much better as I waited no time and received the help I needed. Thank you so much.

Matthew Proulx

Matt is a dedicated officer who is always looking to improve his craft through certifications and courses. Over the past few years on the Tactical team, Matt has become a leader and has pushed himself to be one of the most educated bomb techs in Ontario. His dedication to his craft and his team are truly inspiring. I am lucky to have someone like Matt in my life to look up to for inspiration.

Mark Dixon

I nominate Constable Mark Dixon because of his heroic actions while on and off duty. While on our summer vacation at Sherkston shores summer of 2017, there was a fire at one of the trailers. Mark, with 2 other off-duty officers, cleared the surrounding trailers and cleared everyone away from harm and the fire. I witnessed their heroic actions to save lives and clear us all from the fire. I watched Mark run into the burning trailer to make sure no one was trapped inside. I was scared and proud at the same time. Mark is our hero.

Nicky Henri

Nicky is a caring and thoughtful member of her community and her Police Service. She has personally pursued education and understanding to promote and be part of a wellness unit at Brockville Police Services. On her own time, she also researched techniques and opportunities for the wellness unit. 

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Tara Beaudoin

I would like to nominate Tara Beaudoin from the Hamilton Police Service. She is a civilian employee and a special Constable at the courts in Hamilton. She is an acting supervisor and her motto is lead by example. She is genuine and caring and empathetic to all issues and makes a difference not only while in duty but also out in the community. 

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Slavko Mihic

I nominate Constable Slavko Mihic because he changed my life. I first met Slavko when I was a Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI) student with the Hamilton Police Service in the summer of 2017. When we met, we talked a lot and he actually wanted to give me advice and tips for school and/or making my dream of becoming an officer a reality. He even went as far as to keeping in touch with me just to check in. I’m proud to say that I can truly call this officer my friend. I appreciate him going above and beyond and no one deserves this award more than Constable Mihic.

Ryan Rodrigues

I nominate officer Ryan Rodrigues from the Hamilton Police mounted unit. Officer Ryan has been riding Lincoln for 5 years now, and Ryan is just wonderful in the community. Each time officer Ryan is on duty, he will ride Lincoln up to St. Joe's hospital so patients can say hi... 

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