Ian Clark, Saugeen Shores Police Service (3)

I nominate Officer Ian Clark for the Community Role Model award. He dedicates time, patience and love to his community. He has most definitely made an impact on the children and now teenagers of Saugeen Shores. I remember very well when Officer Ian came to my public school when I was in Grade 3 or 4 and we did a program called “K.I.D.S”, more commonly know as “DARE”. I’m now a high school student and I still remember him, which says something about how great a job he is doing in setting up our generation for a good and safe future. I still see him around town, and I  always say hi. Officer Ian is the most kind and caring officer I’ve ever met. One who will forever be known to make a difference and help his community. Thank you, Officer Ian, and the whole Saugeen Shores police team for your dedication and service to the community.