2019 Nominees

Hally Willmott

On September 15, 2018 I was running around the city of Sudbury naked after experiencing drug induced psychosis. I was going to kill myself but decided to get high instead. I have been a victim of sexual abuse on more than one occasion and have experienced stigma and discrimination from the community because of my HIV status.

Constable Hally Willmott was acting Sergeant that night and led the team of police officers who were responding to the cluster of 9-1-1 calls about me. When they found me Hally put me in a patrol car and instructed one of the officers to bring me to a shelter. She then gave me her cell number and told me to call her in the morning.

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Jason Geerts

Jason Geerts is no longer working as he is fighting a battle with ALS, but he is my hero because he won’t give up or give in, which is incredibly courageous and brave! He is Honest. He remains kind and compassionate to others especially his family. He works incredibly hard every minute of every day fighting this terrible disease. 

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Mark Bradley

If it was not for this particular Police Officer, I would not be starting to try and heal from the trauma that myself and my daughter endured since 2015 and continue to endure to this day. Sacrifice is the hardest of all human actions. But anybody who puts on a uniform like this amazing Constable to help others (like me and my daughter) knows it's also the most important. 

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Jordan Mills

Cst. Mills was one of the officers on scene when my uncle passed away unexpectedly at home last summer (July 31, to be exact). The whole police and paramedic presence that day was outstanding in their compassion and handling of the situation, but Constable Mills especially stood out. 

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Angus McKenzie

On Thursday, January 24, 2019, I was contacted by District Chief EMS Bezaire regarding her response to WFCU for a male party who was unresponsive. On her arrival, she was met by Cst. McKenzie. Cst. McKenzie had completed his contract duty and while leaving WFCU, he observed a female party along the roadway who appeared to be under distress. 

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Noel Bowes

I would like to nominate Noel Bowes for this award. Noel continues to show leadership as a police officer and within the community. He selflessly volunteers his time to help others, especially kids' mental health. Mental health is so important and if we can help the kids now, they have the potential to become solid adults. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Noel on many occasions. He spends time with you and explains what is going on. He is a great ambassador for connecting the police with local youth, which is so important.

Neal Orlando (3)

I would like to nominate my husband Sergeant Neal Orlando, with the full support of his 2 boys, who have always looked up to and admired him as both a great father and a police officer. Neal got hired by Niagara Regional Police shortly after we were married. He is a true police hero and has touched the lives of so many people. 

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Ryan Rodrigues (4)

Officer Ryan Rodrigues for sure deserves this award. I work at St Joe's and officer Ryan will ride Lincoln up each shift to visit the patients and put a smile on their faces.

Jennifer Camden (4)

When I first met Jennifer almost 20 years ago, I was most impressed by her logic and values! Today, I am more impressed, and feel very blessed, to see these values in the lives of her children (my grandchildren)! The world could use more ''Jennifer's''.

Kimberly Cadarette

I would like to nominate Kimberly Cadarette. She is not only an amazing police officer, but she is also an amazing, genuine and caring human being. She goes above and beyond for anyone in need. She volunteers so much of her free time and money to help the less fortunate. She truly takes her vows as an officer seriously on and off duty, and she is always protecting and serving.