Tara Beaudoin

I would like to nominate Tara Beaudoin from the Hamilton Police Service. She is a civilian employee and a special Constable at the courts in Hamilton. She is an acting supervisor and her motto is lead by example. She is genuine and caring and empathetic to all issues and makes a difference not only while in duty but also out in the community. 

Tara helps out as a volunteer for Helping Hamilton Homeless Organization and prepares hot meals to hand out on biweekly kindness walks to those in need in the community. Tara also organized a fundraiser for the homeless community and collected warm gloves to hand out to the homeless on the HHH kindness walks. Tara has amazing values and cares about everyone with no judgement. She is a leader not only in her profession but also in the community. We are grateful to have her as a Hamilton Police Service employee.