Kimberly Cadarette (7)

I would like to nominate Officer Kimberly Cadarette for her amazing contribution to the community. Not only is she an inspiration for others, but her overall personality is so positive when dealing with the public. She brings a smile while on and off duty from her job as a police officer with the Peel Regional Police. 

Officer Cadarette is a dedicated individual who is constantly helping out in the community, as she puts a lot of her spare time towards helping in community events. In the past several years, she helped out with the Ride for Heart foundation, and with Big Brothers Big Sisters. In February 2015, her heart went into helping the homeless, and she would use her own funds to make lunch bags for them. She inspired others to help, and we are now making up to 150 lunches monthly. This is because this officer has the ability to bring the community together and make a difference. I want to see that her efforts to make a change in our community are not gone unrecognized, as she is what we need as a community and would like to see in more officers. An officer who cares, and will make that extra effort to help out in the community. Thank you Officer Cadarette for being the caring officer that you are.