Kathy Stewart, Hamilton Police Service

I would like to nominate Sergeant Kathy Stewart from the Hamilton Police Service. Kathy was the lead detective who handled an incident that was extremely traumatic and life changing for my family. Her handling with the children involved in the case, and her attentiveness to check up on them throughout the years changed my perspective and the many implanted roots that were installed in me as a young child. It was very difficult for me to trust that an officer of the law and I would be able to communicate without me being the one that had an issue. Kathy’s dedication to her work, herself and the city I live in is unheralded. Her care for assisting those she encounters was a display of empathy and concern I didn’t think a police officer could show, nor did I think I could accept it. 

In more ways than one, Kathy will never know the impact she had on both me and my child. She restored the faith I never thought I had for the police force. She also helped another child from growing up with the stigma that "all police officers are bad."

Kathy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will never forget the day you called about an incident with my child outside of the case you were dealing with. I thank you for calling to check in on her. Thank you for helping me save her! My gratitude for you is life long.