2018 Nominees

Matt Dupuis

There is so much I can say about Matt, I have known him for several years now. He loves his community, I have seen him at several of our local events talking and always smiling. I trust Matt and could not ask for a better local police officer. 

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Angela Oliver (2)

I nominate Angela Oliver for her outstanding efforts in the Halton community. Always helpful and cheery! Keep up the great work! Photo credit: http://activechefs.ca/working-together.html

Amy Finn (3)

I proudly, without hesitation, nominate Amy Finn. Amy is a true, honest, hardworking officer of the law, not just in her work life, but in everyday life. I have known her for years, and never, not once have I ever heard anything but wonderful comments about what a humane and decent cop she is. 

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Keira Brooks (2)

Constable Brooks is truly a blessing. She is our school community police officer and she is one of the hardest working resource officers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She never stops working to ensure our school is safe. She answers messages and texts 24-7, weekends, weeknights...it doesn't matter. We always know that she will help in any way she can. 

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Joanna Styrczula (5)

Joanna has become an ambassador for community partnerships in every way. She is a remarkable officer, who cares about her community, her colleagues and her external relationships. 

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Emily Coccimiglio (2)

Emily is just an incredible person, she goes above and beyond, she is carrying and compassionate. She came into our lives when my daughter was cyber bullied and I am forever grateful for everything she did for us. We need more people like her in this world. Photo credit: Jeff Klassen/SooToday

Kevin Willson (2)

For as long as I've known Kevin, all he ever wanted to be was a police officer, but his true love has always been the K-9 unit. Happily, his dream came true and he is making a difference, with his K-9 Jake always at his side.

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Angela Oliver

I nominate Angela Oliver from Halton Regional Police for her continuing efforts to help the community, organize large food drives, reach out to seniors who are in need, and assist new single moms with getting on their feet. 

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Tina Pippy (2)

Officer Pippy is an amazing police officer both on and off the job. When a child was choking to death, her collected demeanor and call to action came through in spades. Her humility after saving a life shines bright. Always level headed, the voice of reason and balance. 

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Alan Diemert (3)

Det. Alan Diemert has been the voice for my best friend's son. My best friend's kids grew up with my kids and her son was tragically killed in 2015. Al has been a tremendous support to the family and, to them, and everyone in their lives, he is a hero. 

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