2018 Nominees

Keira Brooks

Keira is a compassionate, loving, strong, fierce, brave woman. An incredible wife, mom and officer. She's incredibly humble while doing amazing work for all walks of life. Her beauty is beyond compare, outside and in. I'm proud of this outstanding woman, she inspires those around her daily. A true hero, well respected...simply a gift to this universe. Photo credit: Sue Sgambati/BarrieToday

Brian Mitchell (3)

I am proud to nominate an inspiring young constable Brian Mitchell. The reason why i wrote "young" is that as police officer in his first decade of service Brian has exemplifies the best of the profession and exceeds what one could expect of someone at the beginning of their career.

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Elizabeth Skelding (2)

I nominate Elizabeth Skelding for police hero of the year. I believe that, when she was faced with having to save a woman from a horrible domestic violence situation, she had to make a quick decision about when and what to do without much time. Her training allowed her to react appropriately...she went beyond the call of duty to protect the victim and also herself. 

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Rob Gioia

Rob Gioia has worked at so many different positions over the years and has been a very hard worker. He works tirelessly with the community whether at the neighbourhood recourse centre or within the community itself. Photo credit: Darren Taylor/SooToday

Sherri Maguire

I would like to nominate Sherri Maguire - she is a very friendly and sweet person who is very dedicated to her work. She sometimes participates in the Sault Ste Marie local Special Olympic hockey games and in our community events. 

Mike Kenopic

Mike Kenopic is a dedicated officer - friendly, kind and always has a smile on his face when you see him. He participated in our local special Olympic fundraiser and did a fantastic job.

Amy Finn (2)

I nominate Amy Finn. She truly is a hero. She has helped me get through some really hard times. She's stood by me for my entire life. She always goes above and beyond with everything she does. Amy is an incredible hero in my eyes.

Eric Hiiuvain (2)

Eric was my high school officer. He always cared, tried to engage conversation with us, and made sure we all had what we needed. By far the hero of the year 100%. Photo credit: CODI WILSON/ Sentinel-Review

Kevin Dukes

I would like to nominate Sgt Kevin Dukes for being a very loyal and dedicated person for the citizens of Sault Ste Marie. 

Troy Miller

I nominate Troy Miller because Troy works hard in the community with different Police Service programs and he is also an OHL lines man. He is very well known in the city of Sault Ste Marie.