2018 Nominees

Sonny Spina

Sonny Spina is a dedicated and hard worker, who is committed to protecting the citizens of Sault Ste Marie. He volunteers in the community and is on different boards.

Ian Jarvis (3)

Detective Ian Jarvis is without a doubt a hero in my eyes. The first time I met him I gave my statement about my sexual assault. He made me feel comfortable and heard. He was kind. He continued to be that person over the years and through the many court processes. He became a rock for me. 

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Chris Kampela (2)

I nominate Chris Kampela for the 2018 Police Hero of the Year award. He - along with his fellow officers Matt Sombrutski, Ryan Krupa, Dan Irwin, and Rick Popowich - risked his life when the group of officers ran into a residence filled with carbon monoxide fumes. 

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Alan Diemert (2)

In 2015, my best friend's son was murdered. Det. Alan Diemert and his team have been nothing but compassionate, supportive and respectful to the family. The Waterloo homicide team have been with the family every step of the way and have helped ease them in this very difficult time. Their journey isn't over but we are so appreciative of Al's support. He clearly loves what he does and the community is better for it.

Ronald LeClair

Ron LeClair has been an exemplary member of the Windsor Police Service. Born and raised in Essex County, educated at the University of Windsor, devoted to his community, Mr. LeClair holds the rank of Staff Sergeant in the WPS. Since 2014, Mr. LeClair has served as a Trustee with the Greater Essex County District School Board. He has also served his fellow officers as an active member of the Police Association, including as Chair.

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Emily Coccimiglio

I would like to nominate Emily Coccimiglio for the police award not only because shes an amazing police officer and person, but because she saved my life and didn't give up. I am a recovering drug addict of almost 2 years, and I struggled for a very long time. Emily believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.

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Earle Cook

Earle Cook has many accomplishments in his past 8 years with Ottawa police. He astounds me with his perseverance everyday. He broke his neck 13 years ago and still manages to push through the pain everyday to do a job that he loves. He is one of the most honest and loyal people I have ever met, and truly embodies the spirit of a true police officer.

Julie Sudds

It was 19 years this past January that Sgt. Julie Sudds sat across from me in the room at the Waterloo Regional Police on Hespeler Road in Cambridge. She had come to my home on many occasions due to the domestic abuse relationship I was in, and every time she came I was crying shaking and terrified that if I asked for help and placed charges it would make it 100 times worse.

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Tina Pippy

Tina Pippy is definitely a hero on duty, but especially off duty. She saved my daughter from choking by performing the Heimlich on her at a restaurant. I can never repay her...she is humble and incredible, just an amazing person. 

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Krista-Lee Stapleford

Krista-Lee Stapleford is a patrol Officer with the Central Division of the Hamilton Police Service. Since her hire date, Krista-Lee has been an exceptionally caring and effective patrol Officer and leads by example everywhere she goes. On top of these qualities she has been collecting and distributing shoes for the homeless as well as personal care bags that she makes in her off time at home. 

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