Hannah Elkington, Durham Regional Police Service (18)

Hannah Elkington has made a difference in our community and my life in general. DC Elkington had numerous interactions with me while I was going through a period of addiction and mental illness. DC Elkington always encouraged me to do "simple things" like go for a walk. She would have "normal conversations" with me and offer me words of encouragement in efforts for me to get better. As a result of the numerous interactions I have had with DC Elkington, I did get better, regained access to my daughter - something Hannah always knew was important to me - and always spoke to me with a voice of compassion and kindness. She has inspired me to become a better person and live a life that I can be proud of. Hannah is one of the kindest officers on her force, has a diverse background in policing and has likely inspired many young females to become a police officer. I always smile when I see DC Elkington in the news, which is often.