2018 Nominees

Vanessa Gerasimow

Though she started her career teaching special education at the Summit School in Montréal, Vanessa ultimately decided to become a police officer. She successfully completed all the prerequisites and was hired by the Cobourg Police service. In the few years she’s been with the force, she’s gone from constable to CIB and now heading up the M-HEART program. 

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Brian Mitchell (2)

Constable Brian Mitchell brings the right stuff to policing - everyday. His passion for including everyone has translated into a greater awareness of the need to ensure everyone in policing is respected and valued for who they are and what they bring to serving all our communities. 

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Joanna Styrczula (4)

I would like to nominate Cst. Joanna Styrczula, School Resource Officer for Division 12. She has undoubtedly gone above and beyond in terms of connecting my organizations crime prevention educational program to her assigned school, administration, events, and also, to her division 12 team. 

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Amy Finn

Amy Finn has shown her dedication as a community hero for Chatham-Kent Police for the last 30 years. She is the first female officer hired with the Chatham Police Service. Amy is the officer that everyone in the community knows and trusts. She treats everyone with dignity and respect. She is known by the young and old as "Officer Amy". 

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Tyler Hanchuck

Some people never meet their heroes, I got to marry mine! Last spring, Tyler saved my life. We were fishing in a river and I lost my footing and was taken by the current. Tyler risked his life to jump in and save mine. I was able grab on to a log but couldn't move as my leg was pinned. 

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Amanda Lee

Amanda is a wonderful woman, and an incredible officer. She helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life, when I had to report and file charges against the father of my daughter. Although the charges ended up getting dropped, I felt so much support and kindness from Officer Lee through out the entire process & even afterwards. 

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Aaron Mounfield

Constable Mounfield was involved with my granddaughters drug overdose last summer. He was fantastic with her and with all of us. He calmly continued asking her questions and was the only one she finally opened up to and revealed all to him. 

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Steve Glass

Officer Glass was responsible for security on a paid duty at our Buck & Doe on May 25, 2013. My mother had a massive heart attack in the parking lot and Officer Glass helped assist my father to get her out of the car and perform CPR on her. He did a phenomenal job managing the situation and helping my dad. 

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Alan Diemert

I nominate Det. Al Diemert. My son was murdered in 2015. Det. Diemert has been compassionate and understanding. He and his team have gone above and beyond for our family from the day we were informed.

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Michael Tomasevic

Michael Tomasevic is my nomination for a Police Service Hero. Tomasevic has recognized the importance of wellness and supporting your peers in the field of law enforcement. Not only has he played a role in his own department he has also been supportive to other branches of law enforcement.