Mark Bradley

If it was not for this particular Police Officer, I would not be starting to try and heal from the trauma that myself and my daughter endured since 2015 and continue to endure to this day. Sacrifice is the hardest of all human actions. But anybody who puts on a uniform like this amazing Constable to help others (like me and my daughter) knows it's also the most important. 

This amazing Constable has protected us since my partner assault in 2015 and continues to check on our safety via telephone or by physically dropping in at our home. Additionally, during an incident with my troubled teenage son, he was extremely tolerant and has since regularly followed up to remind him of the consequences of his actions and behaviour. I have only encountered one other Police Officer with these same traits who also entered my life 3 years ago and also continues to check on our safety.

I am a First Nations woman of the Cree nation in Saskatchewan and I have never been treated better, throughout the years of trauma I have experienced, than by this amazing Constable from the Ottawa Police Service. Constable Mark Bradley needs to be recognized for all his outstanding efforts towards myself and my family. He's patient, kind, caring, understanding and never judges... and I've been abused and judged my entire life.