Hally Willmott

On September 15, 2018 I was running around the city of Sudbury naked after experiencing drug induced psychosis. I was going to kill myself but decided to get high instead. I have been a victim of sexual abuse on more than one occasion and have experienced stigma and discrimination from the community because of my HIV status.

Constable Hally Willmott was acting Sergeant that night and led the team of police officers who were responding to the cluster of 9-1-1 calls about me. When they found me Hally put me in a patrol car and instructed one of the officers to bring me to a shelter. She then gave me her cell number and told me to call her in the morning.

I left the shelter and went home. I did not call her the next morning. Instead, I stayed home and started to fall into a deep depression. On Sept 20 I attempted suicide by taking all of my HIV meds.

Hally has been following my progress of recovery. I gave a talk to youth about drug use last month and received an award for my community work from the mayor of Sudbury. I've also had my work covered by many media sources (below). None of this work would be possible if Hally didn't show that she cared.

Before I gave my talk, Cnst. Willmott called the center and told me on the phone "Eric, I'm so proud of you. When you go to rehab in Thunder Bay I have police officers there who want to meet you and more in Durham". She has also been checking in to make sure that I am safe and staying on track.

I believe that police officers power of discretion is its biggest tool because when used correctly they can not only maintain public safety but also harness the full potential of people who may be struggling.

I've attached my letters from the mayor and the police service to show what I've been able to do thanks to Hally helping me out. Constable Hally Willmott of the Greater Sudbury Police Service is mine, and many other people's in this city's hero!

Photo courtesy of CBC