Jordan Mills

Cst. Mills was one of the officers on scene when my uncle passed away unexpectedly at home last summer (July 31, to be exact). The whole police and paramedic presence that day was outstanding in their compassion and handling of the situation, but Constable Mills especially stood out. 

He was with us the whole time, from just after the paramedics arrived, stayed with us while the coroner came, and waited with us until after the body services had left with my uncle's remains. He was calm, compassionate, and really helpful throughout the whole ordeal. My grandmother has dementia and she's the one who found my uncle. As you can imagine, she was so distraught and confused and Constable Mills was so good with her and her questions (even the ones she asked 100 times). Police services get called in for all kinds of situations not only ones with immediate danger or 'action-movie hero' type action. Constable Mills is my police hero because he was exceptional in his kindness and compassion, and my family and I won't forget that.