Darcy Campbell

I am nominating Sergeant Darcy Campbell of the Woodstock Police Service, as I believe he is a pillar in the community and an integral part in the betterment of the City of Woodstock. Sgt Campbell is in his 20th year of serving as a Police Officer in Ontario; first with the Peel Regional Police Service, transferring to the Woodstock Police Service in 2002.

Sgt Campbell gives many hours of his free time to the benefit of the community. He is a member of the Big Brothers association, as well as takes place in several volunteer events such as the Medics for Mental Health bike ride, where he was the representing officer for WPS. On top of the work he does within the community, Sgt Campbell constantly finds the time to offer coaching advice to junior officers when needed.

I have had the opportunity to watch first hand as Sgt Campbell approaches and interacts with members of the community, always demonstrating tact, professionalism and treating people with respect regardless of the nature of the interaction.

There are many notable moments of excellent performance during his career, however, the one that I will always remember is that of when he attended a call for service, and ultimately ended up saving the life of a young person, which would have been a devastating loss to the family and community.

Too often, real life heroes go unrecognized and are under appreciated. Thank you, Darcy, for all that you have done and all that you will do while serving the Citizens of Woodstock.