Jagdeep Dhaliwal

I am nominating Const. Jagdeep Dhaliwal of the Hamilton Police Service for the Hero of the Year award because of his contributions to everyone around him. Firstly, Jag is a school liaison officer for Division 3. He is well liked and respected by the students he works with and especially the school staff. Jag completes his work with patience and professionalism. 

I am continuously impressed at his ability to conduct thorough investigations all while speaking to students in a way that they respond well to. Most recently, Jag developed a badminton pro-action kids program to work with at risk youth in high schools.

Further to that, Jag is an asset to the service as well as those he works with because he is always making everyone laugh and smile no matter where he goes. Regardless of what stresses he may be facing, he continues to uplift others.

Also, Jag personally mentored and coached me while I worked as a cadet with him. He was always willing to take me along with him and give me the confidence to assist with investigations and mentoring youth.

With those things said, Officer Dhaliwal does not let his work life affect his family life. He always talks about his family and how important they are to him.

Jagdeep Dhaliwal is certainly deserving of this award. He has influenced me in a very positive way and I know that others have felt the same.