Jenny Bailot - Thunder Bay Police Service

Jenny Bailot is serving a community with the highest per capita murder rate and a drug problem often ignored by the provincial powers focused on the GTA. Apart from her service to our community as a dedicated police officer, her success off duty is being a role model and mother raising three children despite a challenging schedule and a career as a police officer. She is raising responsible children; her youngest daughter has to carry her own hockey bag (almost the same size as hers) up the front steps and into the house. Her eldest child arrives home and, without fail, walks the dog before others come home. This police officer, apart from her service to this often-troubled community, is managing to raise three well-adjusted, responsible humans. I am retired and live across the street. Despite a gruelling work schedule, I witness Jenny’s dedication to her active family. She is an outstanding role model. In addition to serving our community and putting herself in harm's way every day, Jeny’s energy and dedication while off duty are remarkable and equally beneficial to our community. Many people could not juggle all that she does remarkably every day.