Brandon Eaket

The reason why I am nominating Constable Brandon Eaket from Peel Regional Police is because he has shown continuous passion within his community and has such an open heart to help and look out for others. Brandon is very easy to talk to. I met Brandon during the summer of 2018 at a motor vehicle collision, where a van and tractor trailer collided at Bovaird and Brisdale Drive. Brandon was the first to respond along with another officer. I stayed on scene to help assist with patient care.

Noticing the work and effort Brandon made to help and comfort the family was extremely eye opening. He represented the slogan of Peel Regional Police, “A Safer Community Together”. Brandon exercised absolutely great judgement skills and leadership the night of the crash.

Starting my last year of high school, I understood we would be losing our previous NPU officers, who were moved to detective work, and I was a little shy of who we would get as our new NPU officer. Surprisingly enough, it was Brandon Eaket and we spoke quite a bit in regards to the incident that occurred that summer. Getting to know Brandon in my last year of high school has been great. There have been many ups and downs, but I've built a true friendship with him and his partner, Manny. Brandon has assisted me with English work when it comes to picking ideas I’ve had chunked in my head, or even in the weight room of my high school helping me get my max rep in. Aside from all the positive days. There have been many days Brandon has come to work exhausted and stressed. When asked if he’s ok, Brandon would always respond with, “Yeah I'm okay, another busy day in the region. On to the next.”

On the date of Tuesday November 20, 2018 I received a Public Heroes Award nomination by Peel Regional Police to the Intercultural Dialogue Institute Organizations. The Award was for my assistance the same night of the crash where I met Brandon. When I found out I was nominated, the first thing I did was run out of class to advise Brandon about it. He was extremely proud, but my first question to him was, “Can you attend, I can’t receive this award without you there. You deserve part of it”, and he responded with no hesitation, “yes”. The award ceremony took place two days later after being notified. The award ceremony was located quite some ways out of the Peel Region jurisdiction, in the town of Whitchurch Stouffville, Ontario. From Brampton that is about an hour. Brandon had to go through quite a bit to attend, getting permission from his partner Manny and Sergeant. 

Brandon has been such a great mentor and role model throughout my life and so many other people’s lives. Brandon is a hard worker within his community of Brampton. Brandon loves building his craft as an officer, man, husband and father. Brandon continues to work hard in the region of Peel and inspires many youth and adults to continue to work hard and study hard. Brandon embodies the service's main focus: community engagement. Thank you, Brandon.