2020 Nominees

Marc Savignac

I would like to nominate my cousin, Constable Marc Savignac of the Greater Sudbury Police Service, for a hero award. He went above and beyond his call of duty to help me when I was in crisis with my mental illness. He never once left my side - always taking my hand and guiding me through the toughest times of my life. Don't get me wrong, his fellow GSPS officers were great with me too. I just don't know how to thank him for saving my life. 

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Sgt. Mike Adams

Mike Adams is an amazing officer who worked a lot with the youth in the community who were addicted to drugs. As overdoses continued to be a problem, Mike Adams was the officer these kids in trouble would look to for help. I have lived in Innisfil all my life and have never met any officer like Mike Adams. He always makes these young people feel like they are human and that they do matter. He is always encouraging them not to be afraid to talk about the situation they were in. As a parent, Mike Adams goes above and beyond.

Rebecca Elliott (1)

In the summer, I was at a local park when a young boy had fallen off some playground equipment and broke his arm quite badly. Becky was at the ball diamond getting ready for her game when she saw the commotion. She immediately stopped her warm up and ran over to help the young boy. She consoled him, and had him calmed down in seconds. With the help of another teammate they moved the boy out of the sun, and stabilized his arm. 

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David Stewart (3)

It is my privilege to nominate Dave Stewart. He is a perfect example of an on-duty difference maker. Dave came to my daughter and son-in-law’s home in their time of crisis in dealing with their teenage son. With an open mind and a compassionate willingness to help this family get through a time of need, Dave was able to diffuse a highly combustible situation. He has appeared at their home on more than one occasion following up with empathy, conversation and concern for the family. Dave was a light at the end of a dark tunnel for this family restoring faith in the local police. God bless you, Dave Stewart. You are a local hero for which your help will never be forgotten. For that, I thank you.

Wes Brown (1)

I'd like to nominate Officer Wes Brown of the South Simcoe Police Service (SSPS). Wes is a genuine, down to earth person who takes on a lot of roles at SSPS. His commitment to his community and keeping us safe is unwavering and constant! Not only is Wes on SSPS Marine Patrol, but he is also the lead in their Training Unit and ERU. A true "Cops Cop", Wes is admired and respected by all his peers and commanding officers. 

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Evan Harrison (4)

Constable Evan Harrison has been and is an outstanding leader in the London community. He volunteers countless hours towards children. He volunteers at schools, hospitals and coaches sports. He is approachable and always in a positive attitude. We want to thank you for making our children aware and safe. It's comforting to know that there is someone looking out for our kids in this community. Keep up the amazing work!

Darrell Blakely

Detective Cst. Blakely goes above and beyond his responsibility as a Police Detective Cst. on a daily basis. His empathy towards those that he works with, is second only to his work ethic which is admirable. Detective Cst. Blakely approaches every case he works on with his full attention and ensures that everyone he is involved with is treated with respect regardless of their role.

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Cst. Abdul Zalmay

Abdul and Ranger are an amazing team within the Waterloo Regional Police Services. The team has been actively fighting crime in the city, including playing a role in fighting the opiate crisis. They also do a lot of public engagement activities.

Photo courtesy of the Cambridge Times

Special Constables Michael Bednarek & Susanne Kelly

On Jun 12th, 2019, Special Constable Bednarek and Special Constable Kelly were driving West Bound on Laurier Avenue Ottawa, returning to the Court House. They were waived down by frantic pedestrians as a suicidal male had climbed over the railing of the bridge on Laurier and began wrapping an extension cord around his neck, the other end of the cord had been tied off to the bridge. Both Special Constables exited their work vehicle and ran toward the suicidal male. 

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Sandy Staniforth (1)

Staff Sergeant Staniforth has helped me personally through so many tough times regarding my mental health. She not only does her job thoroughly, mindfully and meticulously, but she goes above and beyond and does it all sincerely from her heart. There is definitely nobody like her and although I recognize this everyday, I think others should too.

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