Karen Markus-Cashubec

Officer Karen has been an angel to my daughter, Kaitlyn, who has Williams Syndrome. Special Constable Karen has made such a difference in my daughter's life, being there for Kaitlyn unconditionally both while on duty and off duty. My daughter calls her just to talk or to share exciting news. Special Constable Karen has gone out of her way for over the past 8 years to be there for my daughter, including going to Kaitlyn’s grade 8 graduation, taking Kaitlyn to see her horse, inviting Kaitlyn into her home, coming to our home and more. 

But the time that stands out most is when Kaitlyn called Karen without my knowledge to tell her about an abusive situation. Officer Karen was so supportive and helpful. Special Constable Karen has been my daughter Kaitlyn’s inspiration and has given her the dream to one day become a Police Officer. She and my daughter met in Kaitlyn’s grade school and she has made a difference in not just my daughters life but in the lives of so many kids at the school. Special Constable Karen is kind, giving, always willing to talk and a true hero!!!