2017 Nominees

Cst. Neal Ridley (4)

I would like to nominate Neal Ridley for Hero of the Year. He has been through so much over the past 18 months, but has never lost his desire to return to his job and continue serving his community. Thanksgiving weekend 18 months ago was to change his and his families lives forever. He was shot in the neck, shoulder and chin by the person he had been called out to help. After a number of surgeries he is trying to put his life back together. There are physical and mental barriers still to be healed, but he is doing well. His wife and two sons have been amazing throughout this journey. He truly has been an example of a Hero and deserves to be recognized.

Staff Sgt. Frank Providenti

As an assistant Crown attorney it is so important to have that one go-to police officer that always helps you day or night, always takes a call or text, always cares. That is Staff Sgt Providenti. It may not be the usual community service type of activity, but as an Assistant Crown Attorney it is invaluable to my job, and therefore to our community to have him as a go-to guy. He is always, always on the ready to help! (photo courtesy of the Windsor Star)

Sgt. Vanessa McNeil

I am writing to nominate my mother-in-law Sgt. Vanessa McNeil. She has been with the Ottawa police for 20 years. As you can imagine starting out as a single mother in such a demanding career is not easy. It just goes to show that when Vanessa sets her mind to any task - big or small she never disappoints, going above and beyond for so many. I think Sgt. McNeil is a very deserving recipient of this award from starting out as a constable to where she is now as a Sgt. - as a woman in this day and age is incredible. All of her co-workers have nothing but positive things to say about her, she is an amazing woman. As of right now Vanessa is working in the SRO ( student resource officer) section of Ottawa police working hard in the schools with troubled youth to help keep there futures on the right path. It is a hard job at times - but, if anyone can make a difference in these teens it is Vanessa! Thank you for taking the time in considering my police services hero of the year - Sgt. Vanessa McNeil. 

Cst. Cealia Gagnon (5)

Cealia is one amazing officer and woman, she's very involved in all charity aspects of our community. She works with children at the Safety village, she's involved with The Torch Run for the Special Olympics, she's involved with the Dragon Boat races for Breast Cancer, she's was an integral part of The Motorcycle Ride for Dad for prostate Cancer. She was a volunteer with the United Way. She took the Polar Plunge for another charity. We are blessed to have such a constant hard working, dedicated person as Cealia.

Cst. Cealia Gagnon

I nominate Cealia Gagnon from Windsor Police Service, as she goes above and beyond her call of duty. I have worked with Cealia for 3 years in multiple volunteer organizations, and with her already busy schedule, never ceases to skip a beat. Being a young adult, she has taught me life lessons that have made me a better person and a better face in the community. After a short time of knowing her, she became my inspiration and role model. After 2 years she still is my role model and will continue to be. Thank you for all you do Cealia, you deserve this award and many more for all the things you've done for me and this community.

Cst. Cealia Gagnon (4)

My name is Steven Brown and I am the founder of the Fantastic Fathers Community Group. I met Mrs. Cealia Gagnon at one of my events and could not believe how amazing she was! She is incredibly passionate about her cause and interacts with the children beautifully. 

After seeing her at multiple events and following her on social media, I can honestly say I do not know anyone who is as devoted or works so hard (and often)! I consider it a true blessing that I was fortunate enough to meet Cealia and now have built a friendship with.

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Cst. Shawn Arcand

Shortly after 11am on April 29,2016, Constable Shawn Arcand responded to a call involving an unconscious male. The only update available was that the male was vital signs absent and that CPR was in progress by a family member. When Constable Arcand arrived on scene, he found a 19yr old female performing CPR on her 22yr old brother. It was then he learned that the male had smoked part of a Fentanyl patch and was non responsive due to overdose. Constable Arcand took over chest compressions while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. After several minutes, he got a pulse. Paramedics and firefighters arrived a short time after. The male was then able to stand and speak and was taken to hospital as a precaution. 

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Cst. Neal Ridley (3)

Bravery in the line of duty......risked his life in a dangerous confrontation and was badly injured.

Cst. John Foster

Const. Foster is a fantastic police officer, his outgoing and friendly personality make him a pleasure to talk to. He is always willing to talk with you and try to help. During a recent event he was willing to give his time and advice for many weeks to to help us deal with a significant and complex issue. Const. Foster's attitude and dedication to community made a big difference to us and I want to express my gratitude to him for caring and his concern for others.

Video: Special Cst. Sharon Williamson

Sharon Williamson, a Special Constable with the Hamilton Police Service, donates her time to bring attention to the homeless in her city. She raises money and provides some of the common necessities of life that people take for granted to ensure that Hamilton’s homeless feel a sense of worth.