2017 Nominees

Cst. Jake Campbell

Constable Jacob Campbell and constable Matt Roberts saves a man from a carbon monoxide filled garage. The two constables were able to remove the man from the garage however they exposed themselves to carbon monoxide and both were hospitalized and treated accordingly. Their selfless action saved a man's life. These two officers deserve the recognition. 

Cst. Neal Ridley (7)

I would like to nominate Neal because of his willingness to go the extra mile. In his time of being in the school the students would say.....Neal's the real reason. High praise from a bunch of high school kids. When my grandson went missing, Neal heard it on the radio and called me. As soon as he finished his shift he went out looking. Because of him and a few other officers my grandson is a happy little boy with no lasting effects.

I'm told that when my son died and his body was found, Neal was there for him when we couldn't be because we were hours away.

Then there's the physical and mental adversity he has fought through after being shot by a person he was trying to help. It's been a very long and painful road back but he's done it and is out there protecting us once again. I agree.....Neal's the real deal!!

Cst. Amy Finn

I want to say my mom, Amy Finn deserves to be nominated. She is a police officer and she is a single mom. I have 3 brothers and she has raised us all by herself. She works very hard and helps many people. She has been an officer for 28 years. Even when she is not working she helps people. She did Goodfellows, helps at our school, helps out in our neighbourhood and helps at our Safety Village. She will help anyone if they need help. She does it and does not ask for anything. I hope one day to be just like her. She talks to everyone and knows everyone. I want to be like my mom when I grow up. She is my Hero!

Photo courtesy of the Chatham Voice

Sgt. Sherri Baltzer

Sherri has 19-1/2 years with the London Ontario Police Service. She is married to her husband Steve who is a firefighter. They have two small girls, 7 and 5. Sherri knew at a very young age she wanted to be a police officer. In 1997 she was hired by London Police Service and did her training at the Aylmer Police College. She was a street constable for a few years and transferred to the sexual assault division. Soon after her promotion to Sergeant, she was asked to work in child abuse. She loves her job and is fantastic at it. She takes pride in what she does. She also organizes functions with the police association. She is absolutely a go getter at everything she does.



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Cst. Akhil Mooken (2)

I admire the work Cst. Mooken carries out with the kids of Peel Region. His devoted attention to their well being through community participation is unwavering. I would like to nominate Cst. A. Mooken for his tireless support.

Sgt. Katie Andrews

Katie is always seen on the streets of Port Hope helping anyone she can. She is available whenever you need her and always goes above and beyond her job description. she is always friendly and empathetic in any given situation. She deserves to be recognized for her helpful and caring efforts in the community.

London Police Community Foot Patrol Team

I would like to nominate the entire London Police Community Foot Patrol Team! They work hard downtown London daily and are always great when responding to any calls within our downtown core! I am a security guard at Market Tower and they have helped me immensely along with educated me regarding some policing procedures as I am interested in pursuing a career in policing too. My hat goes off to the entire Foot Patrol team 

Superintendent Chris Newton, Cst. Josh Ryan, Cst. Joyce Spruyt, Cst. Stu Gordon, Cst. Andrew Coles, Staff Sergeant Jeff Dunham, Cst. Scott McCready, Cst. Jason Skinner, Cst. Doug Schmidt, Cst. Adam Gautreau, Sergeant Gary Strang, Cst Craig Browne, Cst. Casey Schmutz, Cst. Matt Bradley, and Cst. Kyle Lang. 

All role modes for our community.  

Cst. Rick Lemieux

Rick Lemieux is an amazing person and does a lot for our community from teaching DARE to our children, to writing books, fundraising and he is currently planning a summer leadership camp for high school kids.

(photo courtesy of Benjamin Aube, Timmins Press)

Cst. Brian Mitchell (2)

I sit on the board for Serving with Pride and have seen first hand Brian's dedication to his community. He impresses me with his friendly personality, and genuine care and concern for the people he interacts with, whether that be the public or as a fellow board member. For his outstanding service with Hamilton PS and now York Regional PS along with his countless effort and volunteer hours as president of SWP, I nominate Cst. Brian Mitchell.

Cst. Cealia Gagnon (7)

I have had the pleasure of being a close friend of Cealia for a number of years. Throughout this time I've witnessed her passion for dedicating her time selflessly to bettering our community. Recently, Cealia has spent countless hours coaching for The Special Olympics and also developed the powerlifting program for her team. She is very involved in the Youth intutiative program at Border City Boxing where she assists underprivileged youths with their boxing skills. She also spends a great deal of time collecting clothing and various household items for The Neighbourhood Renewal program. These are just a few areas where Cealia dedicates her time. Most nights she can be found assisting with various events across Windsor in hopes of a better future for our community.