2017 Nominees

Cst. Craig Judson

Senior Constable Craig Judson exemplifies true heroism and excellence in his profession. In April of 2016, while taking control of a disorderly and uncooperative male, the suspect stabbed and wounded this officer. However, despite the severity of his injury, Cst. Judson continued in his duties and brought the suspect under control. There are countless examples to support my nomination of Cst. Judson, from his consistently professional demeanour to his dedication to the profession of policing. 


(Photo and video courtesy of Sharon Hill, Windsor Star)

Cst. Jody Dugas

Constable Dugas is an amazing police officer. She goes out of her way to help people and has been so kind to our family. Our son Graham has always wanted to be a police officer. He has Aspergers Syndrome, contributing to information processing delays, which would preclude him from being an officer. However, Constable Dugas got to know Graham while he was doing the PEACE course. She so kindly set up a meeting with a recruiting officer to talk through the demands of being a police officer with Graham and then immediately following that, with the head of HR to talk to Graham all about other important and interesting jobs he might consider down the road to support police officers. This was SO helpful, so appreciated and meant so much to Graham. Constable Dugas has also involved Graham in different volunteering activities in the community. She is such a positive, friendly person and has been so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Being a police officer is obviously what she is meant to be doing and she is outstanding at it. We nominate Constable Jody Dugas, she is definitely a police hero to our family.

(photos courtesy of Inside Halton and HRPS)


Cst. Jasdeep Bajwa (3)

Not only is Jasdeep Bajwa committed to his duty as a police officer. He is very involved in the well being of the community. Throughout his years in this position he has raised awareness and money on many causes. For example he recently gave a speech about the drug overdoses in Kanata due to excessive amounts of fentanyl in pills to raise awareness on what is right and wrong. He is also an active participant of the Child Aid Society where he raises awareness about South Asian children among foster families to help in the nourishment of the children according to their cultural background. So in conclusion here are just a few things Jasdeep Bajwa has done for our community but there is still a big list of the good things he has done.

Acting Sgt. Brent MacIntyre

Brent assisted our family during a very traumatic and difficult time. Our son was missing. During the search and recovery efforts, Brent was amazing and supportive. He used his knowledge, skill and professionalism to always be available to talk with and keep us calm. He did everything he could in his power to help locate and return our son to us. 

During the worst time in our lives, Brent MacIntyre brought us the support and professionalism and knowledge that only a seasoned, educated, caring and kind officer could. Our family will always be thankful and grateful with how he went above and beyond to help us.

Cst. Patrick Sprigg (2)

Pat is my son. He always wanted to be a police officer, working hard to become the best of the best and, now - he is in one of the very best police forces in Ontario. I say he should get this honour.

Sgt. Mike Lamothe

During our son's disappearance and recovery, Mr Lamothe was very helpful and dedicated to our son's case. He visited us many times, answered our endless questions with respect and knowledge. Always professional, he helped us in regards to the media and what to expect as a parents during a high profile case over a two month search. The recovery efforts were also undertaken by Mr Lamothe and his staff. I feel that his extra care was very much appreciated and he will always be remembered by my family as caring, professional and dedicated.

Cst. Steve Welton

I am honoured to nominate constable Stephen Welton of the Hamilton Police Service for the Police Services Hero Of the Year Award. I am nominating him because he is the most down to earth, selfless person in the world. He always puts others in front of him, not only because of his job, but because he wants to. He always engages the public through social media and events. He tries to make a positive impact involving the police force and the public and he's doing a great job and a great public service. Thank you Steve.

Cst. Akhil Mooken

"You don't become a hero because of what you do, but because of who you are!" Constable Akhil Mooken not only is an incredible, hard working and dedicated police officer but a fantastic role model for the youth in Peel Region. Constable Mooken needs to be recognized for his ongoing involvement, dedication, support and commitment within Peel Region both on, and off duty.

Cst. Mooken was in the Neighbourhood Policing Unit at 12 Division, and was assigned to the school I worked at. It was evident to administration, colleagues, parents of the community and myself that he loved this unit because of the positive relationships he was able to build with the youth of Peel Region. He is an excellent role model for students and, although no longer working in the NPU unit, continues to establish an excellent rapport with students and their parents. Constable Mooken builds positive and long lasting relationships with youth, and he makes sure they know he is approachable on the street, in a shopping mall or at the movie theatre if they are in need of help, or just to say hello and engage in conversation.

As the popularity of social media continues to develop, Officer Mooken ensures that youth are using the social apps in a safe way. He reminds students to use kind words when tweeting, and to think before they post, ensuring the photos being posted online are appropriate. He has a strong, positive, online presence, and is well known and liked both on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @OfficerMooken.

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Cst. Cealia Gagnon (6)

Cealia was a Sponsored Employee to United Way from Windsor Police Service in 2015. She courageously shared her personal story and how United Way supported services help her move from poverty to a successful career as a Windsor Police officer. Sharing her success helped inspire hundreds of people to support United Way through donations, volunteer time or through participation in community activities. She volunteered with dozens of community organizations prior to her involvement. Following her time with United Way, she began a new chapter with Windsor Police Service working on community engagement and involvement. Cealia can be found doing work for her community on a daily basis, helping youth; seniors; vulnerable populations and many more. She is an inspiration to everyone around her and is one of the most giving and genuine people I have ever met. 

Cst.Cealia Gagnon (8)

Cealia is one amazing officer. It takes all of 30 seconds after meeting her to know she cares about her community and takes pride in wearing the blues everyday. Scroll through her facebook page and look at the community involvement. I would suggest that she has gone above the call of duty. I believe this is what good policing and community policing is all about. No doubt in my mind that Windsor is a better place because of Cealia and her endless efforts to engage the community as a whole!