2017 Nominees

Cst. Cealia Gagnon (6)

Cealia was a Sponsored Employee to United Way from Windsor Police Service in 2015. She courageously shared her personal story and how United Way supported services help her move from poverty to a successful career as a Windsor Police officer. Sharing her success helped inspire hundreds of people to support United Way through donations, volunteer time or through participation in community activities. She volunteered with dozens of community organizations prior to her involvement. Following her time with United Way, she began a new chapter with Windsor Police Service working on community engagement and involvement. Cealia can be found doing work for her community on a daily basis, helping youth; seniors; vulnerable populations and many more. She is an inspiration to everyone around her and is one of the most giving and genuine people I have ever met. 

Cst.Cealia Gagnon (8)

Cealia is one amazing officer. It takes all of 30 seconds after meeting her to know she cares about her community and takes pride in wearing the blues everyday. Scroll through her facebook page and look at the community involvement. I would suggest that she has gone above the call of duty. I believe this is what good policing and community policing is all about. No doubt in my mind that Windsor is a better place because of Cealia and her endless efforts to engage the community as a whole!

Cst. Mike Adams (3)

I read all the nominees and I think that everyone deserves to be a hero. I was very compelled by Mike Adam's work. I have few friends that know him and know how wonderful he is - so I am nominating him.

Cst. Neal Ridley (5)

Not only being involved in a horrific incident but thriving afterwards is a true testament to Neil Ridley's character. He continues to strive everyday, getting back to the career he has chosen and the life with his family he deserves. A true hero, and inspiration to us all Proud to call you my brother! Nominated by Cst. Phil Sheldon

(Photo of both Cst. Ridley and Cst. Sheldon)

Cst. Phil Sheldon (6)

On July 5, 2015, Phil and his partner were on call where they were both injured in a domestic call, Phil has been going through surgeries and therapy since that day. He is our family's hero - putting his life on the line for others. God bless him and all of the police and firefighters for their dedication.

Sgt. Pat Kellar

I am a survivor of childhood abuse. At the time (then) Detective Constable Kellar was assigned to my case, I was on the very brink of suicide. 

Detective Constable Kellar instantly gained my trust and assured me he would work doggedly to pursue justice for me. 

Training can provide the tools but it takes a very special soul to be able to break through to someone who trusts no one and feels completely shamed and abandoned. Detective Constable Kellar made me feel protected. He was available to discuss any concerns I had and co-ordinated my contact with the Victim Witness Protection Staff. I truly believe I would not have made it through the trial without his guidance. He made me feel safe and protected against my perpetrator without saying a word. He was genuine and compassionate and I think the first person who took the time to listen to me and not cast doubt upon my claims. 

I am recovering with the help of counselling and a few very close friends - but not a day goes by without my recalling the feeling of being protected by someone who didn't have to say a word. It has and will be a life long struggle to move on.

In my darkest moments I continue to draw on Detective Constable Kellar's energy. It is hard to put into words how much that one person can change a life but I thank God that he could provide this unconditional safety that my family could not.

Cst. Christopher Anderson

I am nominating Cst Chris Anderson as Hero of the year due to the fact that his quick thinking resulted in a woman's life being saved. On January 8th 2017 Cst Anderson came upon a female who was inside her vehicle at the intersection of Hope Street South, and Peter Street. Cst Anderson was able to determine through excellent observation skills that this female was in distress. Through Cst Anderson's investigation and strong deductive reasoning ability, he determined that this female was suffering from a life threatening anaphylactic shock. Cst Anderson began reassuring this female, and contacting EMS. As the female's condition worsened, Cst Anderson made a quick thinking decision. Knowing that other officers would not be able help the woman recover, and that the Northumberland Paramedics were a tremendous distance away, he thought outside the box and asked an officer to attend the center for addiction on Dorset Street for an EPI Pen. 

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Cst. Jeff Dickson

Jeff continues to be an amazing officer in our community! He has been part of so many arrests and participates and volunteers in our community on a regular basis.....proud to be a Kingstonian because of officers like Jeff!

Staff Sgt. Mark Patterson

My mom asked if I wanted to nominate a police officer for Hero of the Year Award again this year. The choice is easy for me. I pick my Uncle. Not because he is family but because everyone says what a great cop he is and how proud we all are of him. He is very dedicated to his job and he makes me feel that our Nation's Capital is a safer place because of him. If he ran for Prime Minister I would vote for him too.

Cst. Shawn Arcand (2)

During a period of drinking significantly, I had posted odd things on Facebook. One of my friends became worried and contacted police to check on my well-being.

I remember being woken up by police pounding on my door. CST. ARCAND (Ottawa Police) was one of the officers that attended. I have a large wound on my thigh from self harm and I was heavily intoxicated and feeling suicidal.

CST. ARCAND didn't even flinch when I told him that I was a Community Safety Worker and that I struggled with PTSD/Bipolar disorder. He treated me with compassion, and like a human being, stated "we all have our stories, we all have our struggles, we're all human."

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