Aaron Gross

Niagara Region Police Det. Aaron Gross is a great man & police officer who deserves to be nominated. He doesn't just perform his duties, he goes above anyone I have known in my life. His family and his community is everything to him. His work that he lovingly does for Special Olympics is remarkable. He was chosen to represent Ontario and the Niagara Regional Police to run the final leg for Torch Run Ontario Special Olympics. I am very proud to know him. If anyone deserves to be awarded, Det. Aaron Gross does.

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Rajvir Ghuman

I am incredibly pleased to have a fair constable working in the community, that genuinely cares for everyone. Peel Regional Police Cst. Rajvir Ghuman definitely portrays with his hard work that he actually has a desire to make our region safe for everyone. Even when he is off-duty, he still tries his best to serve and protect. He is constantly working on himself to be a better human, always trying to educate himself, a definite advocate of continuing education, he is a great role model. He is always advocating for others to be kind to one another, and hoping empathy will grow within all, that way the world can become better.

Mary-Beth Fairlie

Mary-Beth is a 911 operator with the Windsor Police Service and an all around beautiful person. Never talks bad about anyone, and is always there when needed. She really enjoys her job and believes in helping people. She volunteers every year for Good fellows.

Lindsay White

Barrie Police D/Cst. Lindsay White is not only an incredible person, but an amazing officer. She strives to do to her job in the utmost and professional manner and will go out of her way to ensure the job is done. She has a passion for policing and a passion for helping others. Between her immense involvement with the community, helping with Special Olympics and LETR, dragon boat races and any other type of community event, D/Cst. White truly proves she is committed to her community. She is truly an inspiring person and a role model. Doesn’t matter the time of day, she is always able to put a smile on your face and always willing to help. She might be tiny, but she is mighty!

Chelsea Cabral

Chelsea Cabral is a Constable with the Barrie Police Service. She is the most compassionate, caring and giving officer I know. She is outspoken about first responder mental health, which is extremely helpful for our community. She is not only a member of the police service but also works as a volunteer firefighter, which is amazing.

Andrew Mintz

I work for 7-Eleven located in Downtown Brampton. We have a bunch of homeless people in the area. As our business is operated 24/7, nights are hard to deal with. One night, we had a well-known homeless individual in our store. He wanted to have a nap by lying in the middle of store. We have made calls to the police several times about this individual for assistance in getting him out of the store. During one of the calls, we had Peel Regional Police Cst. Andrew Mintz respond. 

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Stephen Meunier

Stephen has been an OPP Officer since 1998. He has been a role model for many in his detachment. Since his start, he has worked in several departments having different positions but has always been who he is and continues to work hard to achieve his goals. He takes on any task given to him without hesitation. His hard work, dedication and determination makes him an excellent officer. No matter what, he is the one that will never say no and always there to back up his colleagues and members of the OPP. 

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Ed Sanchuk

Recently, I started a “Birthday Card Bonanza” for my friend’s daughter Sarah - she turned 12 on December 5, 2020. This girl has gone through more in her 12 years then some of us will ever face in a lifetime. On October 29, 2020, her mom called to let me know that Sarah relapsed for the 5th time in her short life with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She had to be admitted yet again to Sick Kids, in Toronto, and start her next fight. She was first diagnosed at age 3, and I’ve stood by and tried to support her and family as I watched a huge chunk of her childhood be stolen.

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Tim Gadd

I am nominating OPP Officer Tim Gadd for the Police Services Hero of the Year Award for the Community Role Model Award. Tim joined the OPP Police Service in April of 2016. Along with being an excellent team member on-duty, supporting his fellow officers, Tim shows exemplary leadership qualities off duty as well. Whether he is coaching youth bowling or taking part in organizing community activities with the Kinsmen Club of Canada with which he is a member, he is always looking for ways to be involved in the betterment of his small community of Dryden.

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Kurtis Labate

Hamilton Police Constable Labate is a community role model. Despite his quiet and reserved nature, he ensures that he shows up to work, on time, for all of his shifts, and puts in maximum effort. He would never brag or ask for recognition, which is precisely why he deserves it. He is just one of many unknown heroes who have dedicated their lives to the protection of the community and the upholding of the law...

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