Cst. Fil Wisniak

Award: On-Duty Difference Maker – Uniform/Sworn Police Officer. 
Service: Kingston Police. 
Year: 2020. 

On September 12, 2019, a 22 year old male began stabbing pedestrians at a downtown Kingston intersection. Constable Fil Wisniak - a 10 year veteran of the Kingston Police - was on foot when the call came in. Constable Wisniak responded to the call, running 2 blocks to the incident. Upon his arrival, one man had been fatally stabbed and another man was being attacked. Constable Wisniak intervened without hesitation - the male was about to attack a woman who was attempting to provide aid to one of the victims. 

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Special Constables Michael Bednarek & Susanne Kelly

Award: On-Duty Difference Maker – Civilian Police Service Employee(s). 
Service: Ottawa Police. 
Year: 2020. 

On June 12, 2019, Special Constable Bednarek and Special Constable Kelly were driving westbound on Laurier Avenue in Ottawa, returning to the Courthouse. They were waived down by frantic pedestrians as a suicidal male had climbed over the railing of the bridge on Laurier and began wrapping an extension cord around his neck - the other end of the cord had been tied off to the bridge. Both Special Constables exited their work vehicle and ran toward the suicidal male. 

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Cst. Evan Harrison

Award: Community Role Model. 
Service: London Police. 
Year: 2020. 

Cst. Evan Harrison was nominated by various community members in the London area for his positive impact as a School Resource Officer and his volunteer work with kids in the London community, notably at The Children’s Hospital and as a non-parent coach in a local minor hockey league. Below are a few excerpts: 

I’m nominating Constable Harrison for this award for many reasons. His display of commitment, compassion and kindness only scratch the surface. Through his role as School Resource Officer, Cst. Harrison has developed such strong connections with my students, making each one feel special and valued in their own unique way. His dedication and determination to always make the world around him a better place is so inspiring for the younger generation to watch and learn from. It is truly evident that Officer Harrison was made for this job. The London Police Service and all of the schools he works with are so lucky to have such a stand up hero working alongside them. Thank you Constable Harrison for making such an impactful difference. 

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Sean Connelly

While on duty, Cst. Sean Connelly was first on scene to a report of a child not breathing after she had collapsed during a Terry Fox Run at her school. His quick actions in administration of CPR and utilization of an A.E.D were vital in saving this young girl's life. More details can be found in this Global News story: https://globalnews.ca/news/6079555/hamilton-officer-gatestone-cardiac-arrest-fox-run/

Michelle Barclay (1)

I am thrilled to recognize Michelle Barclay in this manner. Ever since Michelle was a young girl, she had common sense, compassion and the need to help others beyond her years. She continues on that path to this day. Police Victim Services is not a job to Michelle, but a way of life. Michelle has the ability and passion to anticipate and meet the needs of others even before they do themselves. She is ready to use every resource available to her to reach out and share with others in her community and beyond. 

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Surjeet Gill

Constable Surjeet Gill of Windsor Police Service is an extremely community-oriented police officer. He strongly believes in community engagement, diversity, and inclusion. There has been a huge influx of international students not only in Windsor Essex but throughout Canada. Officer Gill has done several workshops and presentations for these students on different topics to educate them and build a trust factor between them and police, in comparison to the different perspectives that exist about police where they originate from.

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David Carmickle & Brett Severin

In the early morning hours of January 25, 2020, PC Carmickle and PC Severin responded to a single vehicle accident with serious injuries and an entrapment. To complicate matters, the vehicle involved had traveled up an embankment and went airborne across a river (100ft), landing on its roof on the other side - it was teetering precariously on the river’s edge. As they approached, it was clear that the passenger would be unable to get out of the vehicle themselves. Without hesitation, both constables acted immediately. 

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Mike Stratford (1)

Mike Stratford contributes many, many hours each week to the Air Cadet Program. He is in the Squadron every possible Monday evening assisting with the youth and their drills, he assists with the guard flight and he has taught classes. Mike has become the officer the cadets are comfortable approaching to discuss any matters of concern. He is a great mentor for level 4 and 5 cadets as well as an instrumental coach for the Effective Speaking team, and helped organize the Regional Effective Speaking Competition. 

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Jennifer Simpson

Cst. Jennifer Simpson is a hero in my life. She helped me to see that no one can ruin my life. I had no self-esteem. I was in a major depression. While lying in bed all day for months after what happened to me, Cst. Simpson's kind words at our interview played in my mind. Now that I am finally recovering, I realize Cst. Simpson saved my life. In this age of #MeToo and speaking openly about mental health, I feel she symbolizes the type of empathy and encouragement that saves many victims from the impact of cruelty. Cst. Simpson did not have to save my life by endangering her own - she just had to care about me as a person.

Evan Harrison (14)

Where to even begin when speaking about Cst. Harrison. Evan reached out to our organization to bridge a relationship with Childcan and the London Police Services. In a very short time, Evan’s passion and commitment to community engagement was clear. Not only does he lead his team through LPS driven community programs (Coffee with a Cop, visits to the Children’s Hospital and various school engagements), but there is also a layer of personal commitment, outside the uniform, that makes him an incredible community leader. 

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