Sgt. Vanessa McNeil

I am writing to nominate my mother-in-law Sgt. Vanessa McNeil. She has been with the Ottawa police for 20 years. As you can imagine starting out as a single mother in such a demanding career is not easy. It just goes to show that when Vanessa sets her mind to any task - big or small she never disappoints, going above and beyond for so many. I think Sgt. McNeil is a very deserving recipient of this award from starting out as a constable to where she is now as a Sgt. - as a woman in this day and age is incredible. All of her co-workers have nothing but positive things to say about her, she is an amazing woman. As of right now Vanessa is working in the SRO ( student resource officer) section of Ottawa police working hard in the schools with troubled youth to help keep there futures on the right path. It is a hard job at times - but, if anyone can make a difference in these teens it is Vanessa! Thank you for taking the time in considering my police services hero of the year - Sgt. Vanessa McNeil.