2017 Nominees

Cst. Pat Swan (2)

I am nominating PAT SWAN of the Waterloo Regional Police Services for 2017. I know what it feels like to be dealing with anxiety and depression. I felt that his story came from the heart and took a lot of courage to tell his story about mental health, even as a police officer. 

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Cst. Kelly Breen

Constable Breen and the other responding Officers went above and beyond when a sudden death occurred in the family. Constable Breen not only offered kind words at a very stressful time, he also drove me home through a blinding snow storm. His words and actions were comforting during a very hard time for my family and myself. Thank you!

Cst. Pat Swan

Courage can be many things, not the least of which is serving your community through policing. Cst. Pat Swan of the Waterloo Regional Police Service is an example of courage at its finest. Thank you for your voice Pat, and for sharing your personal journey to wellness. Wishing the best for you in reaching your goal of early help and positive intervention for emergency responders.

Dwayne Smith - 2017 Nomination

Dwayne is a very dedicated, committed individual, love his community, and very family oriented. Dwayne is also involved in the youth development in his church. Get along well with all who comes in contact with him, and for those reasons and more, I nominate officer Dwayne as my every day hero.

Cst. Brian Mitchell - 2017 Nominee

I would like to nominate Constable Brian Mitchell of York Regional Police.

Brian is a compassionate, hardworking individual who is always putting others before himself. Brian takes pride in being an openly gay officer who has played a large role in raising awareness of the LGBT community that lives within the policing community. Being President of the organization Serving With Pride, Brian has made it possible for others that were nervous of coming out to their brothers and sisters in blue easier by running events and seminars to assist with any questions or struggles that one may encounter.

Brian is a Hero because he has given people of the LGBT community the strength and courage to be proud of who they are, and do what they were afraid to do... to be themselves.

I nominate Constable Brian Mitchell for being an outstanding member of the community, a positive leader, and most of all a person everyone should truly look up to. 

Tyler Brown

Mike Adams - 2017 Nominee (2)

Mike is an amazing police officer. He is very professional and very approachable. He makes South Simcoe a much happier place and knowing that there is such an amazing officer that I can trust, makes me feel safe. He goes above and beyond to make sure all the kids are safe and staying out of trouble. Mike goes out of his way to have a conversation and make sure I'm doing great.

Thanks for your service Mike!!! Keep up the good work and making the community a better place to live!!

Mike Adams - 2017 Nominee

Constable Michael Adams (South Simcoe) always goes above and beyond in his line of work, primarily in his work with the children and teens in the community.

Scott Dargie - 2017 Nominee

With all my heart, I nominate Officer Scott Dargie from Durham Regional Police. I have never in my life had the privilege of knowing someone so amazing and dedicated as Scott Dargie truly is. Every single day he is out there going above and beyond his call of duty. Making his own song titled "I am who I am" and singing it at schools with the police band to try and pass the message on to younger generations that we are who we are inside and to never change that! He makes the time, HIS time to really try and do his part on making this world a better, loving place.

The genuine love he has for protecting our city is phenomenal. Being a police officer isn't always an easy job. Yet he pushes through each day trying to be even better then he was yesterday. Trying to find more and more ways to help others. 

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Elisabeth Aschwanden

Elisabeth has been so instrumental in terms of creative ideas to help work with the seniors in the Town of BWG [Bradford West Gwillimbury]. There is a better sense of safety now among this vulnerable population, and it is definitely attributed to the work of South Simcoe Police!

Photo courtesy of the Bradford Times

Jasdeep Bajwa

I nominate Jasdeep Bajwa. He is approachable, friendly with the community and helpful. He always guides people who need help and by giving proper advice has helped saved life too.