Cst. Cealia Gagnon (4)

My name is Steven Brown and I am the founder of the Fantastic Fathers Community Group. I met Mrs. Cealia Gagnon at one of my events and could not believe how amazing she was! She is incredibly passionate about her cause and interacts with the children beautifully. 

After seeing her at multiple events and following her on social media, I can honestly say I do not know anyone who is as devoted or works so hard (and often)! I consider it a true blessing that I was fortunate enough to meet Cealia and now have built a friendship with.

The work that she does within the community truly shines an extremely positive light on the Windsor Police Department. Although she would never ask for any reward, she truly deserves every accolade that comes her way! 

She is not only a hero to thousands of kids throughout Windsor/Essex County, but also their parents, her friends, peers and almost everyone she comes in contact with! 

It is with great pleasure that I take the time to nominate Cealia Gagnon!


Steven Brown 
Fantastic Fathers Community Group