2020 Nominees

Bianca Sims

Constable Bianca Sims has definitely made a wonderful impact in our community. Const. Bianca Sims from the community services branch organized the local Police Week event — which continues at the mall Friday and Saturday — the past two years. She educates the public, schools, and newcomers about community issues: https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/windsor-cops-converge-on-devonshire-mall-for-police-week

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David Stewart (1)

Constable Dave is a true asset to the Ottawa Police Team. He is fair, kind and most compassionate. He goes above and beyond to help those in need and diffuse highly sensitive situations. We are grateful for his community leadership and forward thinking. He is one of those we can consistently count on!

Heidi O'Neill

We would like to nominate Officer Heidi O’Neil for this award! We have known Heidi for 4 years now when we were just starting in high school. My sister and I were going through a very tough time in our lives where we had felt we had no one. We didn’t feel safe at school, home or in the community. Because of this, our school had introduced us to Heidi. From the moment we met Heidi we knew she would be a lifelong friend. Not only was she a positive light that we needed, but she also provided my sister and myself with a sense of security and knowing we had someone who actually supported us and cared about us. 

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Evan Harrison (2)

There really is no other choice for hero of the year than Evan Harrison of the London Police Force. He has dedicated his career as a policeman to serve his community in several ways. Recently, he has been involved in working with the schools of London in teaching the students about things such as bullying, drugs etc. He also loves patrolling the streets in London so residents in the community feel safe and protected.

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Chabine Tucker

I'm nominating Sgt. Chabine Tucker to earn the hero of the year award. Sgt. Tucker has provided his help and insight to the Ottawa community and its volunteers. Running the Ottawa Police Hoopstars had inspired me and others to feel what's like to be helped. He is definitely a role model to myself and many others.

Jacqueline Ross

We would like to nominate Officer Jacqueline Ross for this award! Jacquie has been apart of our lives for the past 4 years. Over these 4 years, our relationship with Jacquie has flourished, and we’re so happy to have her in our lives! When my sister and I were in grade 10, we were both facing many issues with our family, which affected both of us in many different ways. We both developed anxiety, and began to distance ourselves from the ones we loved due to our issues at home. 

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Ashley McArthur (1)

I have known Ashley McArthur since childhood and she has always cared deeply for her community and the people in it. Ashley has always been a person who goes out of her way to help and support everyone but especially those most vulnerable and overlooked. She exemplifies the true spirit of compassion and giving, and has made our community a richer and kinder place to call home.

Marc Taraso (1)

I used to live in the Oakville area when Marc was a Community Mobilization Officer. He's since moved onto the traffic services unit, which is a role that he takes seriously - the effort, work and message he puts out is available for all to see on his Twitter. It has been great to watch the work Marc does both through Twitter and in person. I feel Marc's wide use of social media allows him to reach a large audience, which helps educate others on habits / laws that they shouldn't be breaking and why. 

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Scott Tinsley

I believe Cst. Tinsley was one of the officers involved in a terrifying high speed chase through the City of Belleville that eventually ended in Quinte West when the vehicle they were chasing was pinned up against a fence at CFB Trenton. The woman in the car was in distress and feared for her life. These officers, including Cst. Tinsley, risked their own lives, driving at dangerous speeds, maneuvering around heavy traffic, keeping the public safe, and rescuing the woman in the car. This is above and beyond.

Angela Oliver

I’d like to nominate Angela Oliver from the Halton Regional Police Service for the Civilian On-Duty Difference Maker award. Angela is a key member of the HRPS team in Burlington and works tirelessly behind the scenes overseeing food drive programs, coordinating traffic initiatives, volunteering at various community and church events, and keeping residents engaged through social media.

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