Darrell Blakely

Detective Cst. Blakely goes above and beyond his responsibility as a Police Detective Cst. on a daily basis. His empathy towards those that he works with, is second only to his work ethic which is admirable. Detective Cst. Blakely approaches every case he works on with his full attention and ensures that everyone he is involved with is treated with respect regardless of their role.

The families, witnesses, community partners or victims with whom Detective Cst. Blakely becomes involved with, all know that they can reach out to him at any time and that he will do everything possible to help or would make sure that they are connected with supports or services if he cannot assist them himself.

Detective Cst. Blakely pours his heart and soul into every investigation that he completes, and Cornwall is incredibly fortunate to have a Police Detective like him looking after their community.