Rebecca Elliott (1)

In the summer, I was at a local park when a young boy had fallen off some playground equipment and broke his arm quite badly. Becky was at the ball diamond getting ready for her game when she saw the commotion. She immediately stopped her warm up and ran over to help the young boy. She consoled him, and had him calmed down in seconds. With the help of another teammate they moved the boy out of the sun, and stabilized his arm. 

An ambulance has been called and she carried him over the waiting truck. I honestly could not believe how well she handled the situation. She is well respected in our community and I often see her at the arena where she coaches hockey and at the ball diamonds coaching fast pitch. She is always ready to help and is a great mentor to the kids she coaches. On another note, I love the positivity of her social media!! Thanks Becky for going above and beyond.