Nolan Di Diomete, Waterloo Regional Police Service

In the early morning hours of January 28, 2022, Cst. Nolan Di Diomete was on uniform patrol in the City of Kitchener. He was passing nearby a local 'Better Tent City', an encampment for members of the community experiencing homelessness, which included 42 wooden structures. Cst. Di Diomete observed clouds of smoke coming from one of the small structures. Slowing to investigate, he heard a woman's cry for help. Stopping his cruiser at the side of busy Highway 7, Cst. Di Diomete ran towards the disturbance, having to scale over a tall barb-wired fence. The spikes from the fence punctured his hands and legs.

Cst. Di Diomete ran to one dwelling unit fully engulfed in flames. He called for back-up, EMS and the fire department, and began loudly knocking on doors to evacuate residents. Fortunately, no residents suffered any injury. Cst. Di Diomete received treatment at hospital. His quick actions were simply heroic. Had Cst. Di Diomete not taken swift action that night, it could have been tragic. He has since remained modest and typically embarrassed by any attention. In an interview with local media, he expressed his belief in the resolve of his community to come together and help residents rebuild and sustain, together.