Wes Brown - Nomination

I have found Wes to go above and beyond in so many ways. Wes is the senior training officer at SSPS, making sure all officers have up-to-date training and make sure they practice, practice, practice! On top of training, Wes is an ERU officer who is on call 24/7 to help his fellow officers and his community. If that's not enough, he even does routine patrols and traffic duty!! - Mike Morr, South Simcoe

So wait, there's more!! Wes volunteers his personal time (along with other officers) to coordinate and teach the South Simcoe Police Citizens Police Academy, giving citizens a real insight to policing and the role they play. 
Down to earth, Wes is a Man among men, and a true coppers cop who is humble, strong, and very intelligent. I give this man my nomination, along with Inspector Steve Wilson....these two men do SOOOO much for their community, its absolutely incredible!! #muchrespect