Teresa Allott

Theresa was the Diversity Police Officer for the City of London. Theresa worked hard in her role and took it with a great passion. She went above and beyond her role, ensuring she was informed of all diversity groups special events and went to their place of culture, whether it be a community event or religious event open to the public. 

Theresa ensured that new recruits were aware of all diversities and informed on any of their services. I have worked for a couple of Indigenous organizations over the last 20 years and Theresa was the only Diversity officer that came to each organization to be informed of our services, what we offer to help our Indigenous population, and to make referrals to people she may be in contact with.

Theresa sat on the Indigenius Solidarity Day planning committee for a couple of years and organized for her fellow police officers to play lacrosse with the Indigenous youth. Theresa was a great role model for the people she came in contact with as well as her fellow police officers. She ensured she always kept the lines of communication open. She knew of the hardships and stigma and past historical events that has happened with our Indigenous people and built good relationships. She became culturally sensitive because she loves her job and took her role seriously.