Stephen Meunier, Ontario Provincial Police

We are nominating our Club President as the Police Hero of 2022. He is an exceptional leader, mentor and role model we all strive to emulate. Steve is involved with our Curling Club as the President, a competitive curler and lastly the best coach our U18 girls can have. He gives his undivided time and attention to them on a daily basis and continues to ensure they are striving to do their best and achieve their goals. His dedication to these girls is so remarkable.

Steve is passionate about volunteering and giving back to his community. He volunteers with several organizations like Madd Timmins Chapter, the Canadian Police Curling Association, he is a School Board Trustee and lastly a volunteer firefighter. Always making sure that he has time for his family, his work and his community in a what he does best. He is the last one to expect recognition as he always goes above and beyond for everyone surrounding him. He is a platoon Sergeant and is always there to support his team, reminding them to stay safe, do what is right and live life to the fullest. He handles each emergency with uncompromised competence and integrity. He is the steady voice in a storm, for using courage and compassion, and for providing such a meaningful service to the OPP. He is a true hero in his community and workplace.