Sgt. Lila Shibley - Ottawa Police Service

Sgt. Shibley has significantly impacted my life and many others in our community through her leadership of the all-women's mentorship program within our Police Service. This program provides a supportive environment for women interested in pursuing a career as a police constable, offering a comprehensive 4-week mentorship program covering topics such as resume building, navigating the mental challenges of the job, community engagement, and featuring guest speakers. Thanks to Sgt. Shibley's efforts, over 80 women have been inspired to apply to police constables, with four successfully becoming officers and more in the process. Her dedication as a leader and mentor is evident in her commitment to creating opportunities for like-minded individuals to come together and encourage and motivate one another to pursue their dream careers. Beyond her professional role, Sgt. Shibley is also a devoted mother and wife, exemplifying incredible dedication and balance in her life. We are grateful for her continued dedication to the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service. Keep shining, Lila!