Sgt. Ali Toghrol, Ottawa Police Service

For over 17 years with the Ottawa Police Services (OPS), Sgt. Ali Toghrol, currently the Sgt. Hate and Bias Crime Unit has served with distinction. In these challenging times, where hate is more prevalent in our communities, according to a report from Chief Eric Stubbs (OPS), hate-related incidents in Ottawa rose nearly 20% in 2023; there were 460 reported hate-related incidents, which include both criminal and noncriminal.
Through all of this, Sgt. Toghrol has staunchly led his Hate and Bias Crime Unit with the professionalism, compassion and perspective that has made him a trusted and respected OPS representative throughout the Ottawa community. As busy as his mandate makes him, he takes the time to personally meet with Security Chairs, like me, at our Houses of Worship to understand and advise us on our specific areas of security and what the protocol is should a hate-related incident occur.
As Sgt. Toghrol noted in an interview last month with CBC News, “The root cause of hate crimes and hate incidents is the lack of knowledge that people have. Not knowing one another, not trusting one another, having these stereotypical ideas of one another which creates hate and bias in the community.” In the interview, Sgt. Toghrol went on to say that having programs to discuss hate within the community is essential and can be a beneficial way of combating the spread of hateful rhetoric. To address this education gap, Sgt. Toghrol is committed to assisting Houses of Worship in developing programs to help mitigate these foundations of hate.
Sgt. Ali Toghrol is an exemplary role model for his team and colleagues throughout the OPS and, in fact, for Police Services throughout Canada!