Scott Dargie - 2017 Nominee

With all my heart, I nominate Officer Scott Dargie from Durham Regional Police. I have never in my life had the privilege of knowing someone so amazing and dedicated as Scott Dargie truly is. Every single day he is out there going above and beyond his call of duty. Making his own song titled "I am who I am" and singing it at schools with the police band to try and pass the message on to younger generations that we are who we are inside and to never change that! He makes the time, HIS time to really try and do his part on making this world a better, loving place.

The genuine love he has for protecting our city is phenomenal. Being a police officer isn't always an easy job. Yet he pushes through each day trying to be even better then he was yesterday. Trying to find more and more ways to help others. 

He happens to be my neighbour, and has even treated my kids as his own, spending his days off playing basketball or baseball with my boys. I know Officer Scott Dargie's personal stories of trauma he has endured during his career as a police officer, yet this amazing man still has the strength to continue on everyday doing what he does best! Loving and treating every human being equally. While there are so many amazing officers out there, I really feel in my heart that Officer Scott Dargie deserves the Hero Award as he is a true hero to society. The picture I chose to post of Scott is just one great example of the genuine love he has for the human race.