Rebecca Elliott (6)

I’d like to nominate Rebecca Elliott. I first met her last year at Lord Elgin School where she teaches VIP. My kids loved VIP and Constable Elliott. She is very kind to the children and treats them all with lots of respect. We live in a low income community and Constable Elliott has become a favorite among the kids. I see her out in the complex talking to the kids, playing catch, and last year she even took the time to fix a flat tire on a bike for one of my neighbour's kids. 

She brought other officers with her and fit a bunch of kids for brand new bike helmets. Kids that would never have a helmet on are wearing one. She took coats and mitts to the school and now the kids have warm clothes. In the summer, I see her and other cops outside cleaning up garbage in the complex and then they give the kids free lunch for helping out.

I don’t know how you define hero, but she’s made a big difference in my area for the kids, and I would like to thank her for that. I tool the picture off her Instagram account. That’s the day she fixed that bike.